chair stretch workout

Chair Stretch Workout – Recovery, Mobility, Posture, Energy! (10 Minutes)

A chair stretch workout routine to help you maintain flexible muscles and ease pain in your body. Chair stretches are suitable for all levels and especially beneficial for seniors, those recovering from an injury, or those who need non-weight bearing exercise. Get fit and flexible with this easy chair stretch routine that will lengthen your …

November 9, 2020
diabetes low impact cardio

Diabetes Low Impact Cardio Home Workout – also ideal for beginners to fitness and exercise (10 Minutes!)

Exercise is movement medicine for diabetes which is why I created this Exercise is movement medicine for diabetes which is why I created low impact cardio at home workout. You dont have to have Diabetes to benefit – this routine is effective and appropriate for all ages, levels, and abilities. It is an excellent way …

November 2, 2020
chair aerobics dance workout

Chair Aerobics Dance Workout Video. 20 Minutes At Home Fitness

Oh man I had the BEST time filming this chair aerobics dance workout for you! It might just be my favorite chair workout to-date. Special thanks to the Caroline Jordan Fitness Patreon members who have helped donate to make this chair aerobics dance workout possible! If you enjoy my seated fitness classes, I’m positive you’ll …

October 26, 2020
working from home exercise break challenge

Working From Home Exercise Break Challenge. 5 Minutes of Fitness every DAY for a healthier body and mind

Can you commit to doing something EVERYDAY for FIVE minutes? Take the working from home exercise break challenge! Join me for 5 minutes of fitness EVERY day to make your working from home life healthy. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE CHALLENGE! Working From Home Exercise Break Challenge: Five 5 minute exercise videos that focus on …

October 16, 2020
couch stretch routine

Couch Stretch Routine Mobility Workout for Desk/Office Workers (PERFECT FOR YOU!)

This Stretch routine Could Save Your Hips and Back If You Sit At a Desk All Day….. Join me for a quick and effective couch stretch video routine where we will reduce tension in your entire body. This couch stretch video is a great way to open up your hips, chest, shoulders, and back. Together, …

October 12, 2020
15 minute upper body workout

15 Minute Upper Body Chest, Back, Arms, Abs Workout – No Equipment At Home Workout

Get a great upper workout without equipment at home to build your chest, back, arm, and core strength. This 15 minute upper body workout video will challenge your upper body and help you feel amazing! Getting an arm workout without weights is a  solid way to put your muscles to the test. After all, the …

October 5, 2020
low impact strength training workout

Low Impact Strength Training Workout.Total Body No Equipment!

Get ready for a low-impact strength training workout that’s perfect for beginners, recovering from injury, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, sleeping babies, knee or joint pain, weight loss, or any other reason you may need to decrease impact.  If you’ve tried my other low impact at home workouts, then you know my low-impact workouts are challenging. Low-impact workouts are great …

September 28, 2020
chair cardio and weights

Chair Cardio and Weights Workout. 20 Minutes Total Body Seated Fitness Class

Get the best bang for your buck when you combine cardio and strength training in this seated chair cardio and weights workout. This fitness video goes out by request for a Caroline Jordan Fitness Patreon Member (I call these investors in my channel my “Board of Directors”). She asked for a longer seated workout that …

September 14, 2020