Cycle For Survival 2018 Spinning Playlist. Workout Music To Support The Fight For Rare Cancer Research

Cycle For Survival 2018 Spinning Playlist. Workout Music To Support The Fight For Rare Cancer Research

Spinning playlist
Spinning playlist

It was my ninth year teaching for the event.  WOW. What a ride it has been. So incredible to see how much this cause has grown over the years and the POWERFUL impact it has had in the fight against rare cancers.

What is Cycle For Survival?

Cycle for Survival is an indoor team cycling event hosted nationwide at EQUINOX Fitness Clubs to raise money for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to fund rare cancer research. Groups of riders buy a bike at the event, fundraise for their team bike, and relay ride together on the day of the event to support the cause.

“I ride because I know the difference clinical trials and research studies make—for our family the difference was one more year with our mother.”

– Rachel B.

An estimated 1,688,780 new cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2017 and approximately 50% of people with cancer are battling a rare cancer. Rare cancers include brain, pancreatic, ovarian, thyroid, and stomach cancers; leukemia and lymphoma; all pediatric cancers; and many others. Each year MSK treats more than 400 subtypes of cancer. 100% of funds raised by Cycle For Survival  events go directly to research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Center.

“Learning that you have cancer—particularly an incurable cancer—is beyond scary. But every year Cycle for Survival gives me hope that new research will lead to better, more innovative treatments.”

– Amy W.

I am honored to be a part and inspired by EVERYONE who continues to cycle, sweat, support, and give back. I wanted to share my teaching playlist from my portion of the ride. I mixed it up this year and used a flavorful combination of current pop hits and throwbacks, feel good songs that make you smile and inspire you to push harder towards things worth fighting for. We will keep cycling till we find a cure. Join the battle.

Cycle For Survival 2018 Spinning Playlist

What touches my heart most is that all the fundraising, cycling, sweating, and fist pumping (oh yes) directly impacts the lives of those affected by rare cancers.

When you think about that, really think about that: people showing up to support each other in a REAL, powerful, life changing way, it reminds you how beautiful humanity truly is and how love can make a difference.

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Love to you and yours.


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