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Fearless Fitness Weekly Update 3/13: The Kinetic Chain – Whats Your Weakest Link?

Fearless Fitness Tip Of the Week: The Kinetic Chain – Whats Your Weakest Link? The following includes some excerpts from Todd Durkin’s book, “The IMPACT Body Plan”. I HIGHLY recommend this book – it will change the way you  live and train Did you know that your nagging knee pain could be caused by the …

March 13, 2011
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Heres to Your HEART Health!

HEART HEALTH! What’s the most important muscle you should think about keeping in great shape? No… it’s not your 6 pack. It’s YOUR HEART. “Over 800,000 Americans died from heart attacks and other cardiac illnesses last year,” reports preventive cardiologist Lori Mosca, MD, founder of Columbia University Medical Center’s Preventive Cardiology Program. “Sadly but most …

February 13, 2011
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Fearless Fitness Weekly Update 1/9: ACCOMPLISH your goals, ATTACK limiting beliefs with a Positive Mental Attitude!

1.) Caroline Jordan Fitness Schedule and Special Events January 9th-15th: Monday 1/10: 12:05pm Cycle Express San Francisco Bay Club, 5:30pm Competition Core and 6-645pm Chisel’d, 6:50-7:30pm Muscles On The Mat**, 7:30-7:45pm Sports Stretch EQUINOX Tuesday 1/11: 12:30pm Cycling EQUINOX, 5pm Ball, 5:30pm BOSU Club One Citigroup ATTENTION CLUB ONE FOLKS – I will NOT be …

January 9, 2011
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Make your New Years Workout goal LAST past January…. READ THIS POST!

January in the gym is like the mall before Christmas. MADNESS. After months of holiday celebrations and overindulgence, January becomes a time  to get the REAR back in gear. Whether you have a new years health resolution or are just eager to get back into your fitness routine, be careful not to believe the following….. …

January 1, 2011
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