Back Injury Recovery Exercises Level One Follow Along

Back Injury Recovery Exercises Level 1

Welcome to back injury recovery exercises level 1 to help you get rid of back pain now. I am Caroline Jordan your certified health and fitness coach, and this video is part of my 3 part series to help you re-align and strengthen the muscles around the back for injury recovery and injury prevention. This specific exercise sequence was fundamental in my own personal journey of healing from a serious back injury and I share it with you in hopes that they it help you as well. The entire series of videos is included in my back injury recovery playlist and sequenced together so that you can follow along depending on where you are in your back injury recovery journey.

Most people who suffer a back injury are eager to revisit their regular life duties and hobbies, but rushing back into life is not ideal when pain, scar tissue and weak musculature are present. When rehabilitating the spine, these three principles are important to ensure steady emotions throughout the healing process.

* Breathing is essential not only for life, but also to prevent you from holding onto stress within the musculature. When you feel stressed about your back, take three deep inhales and exhales.

* Acceptance of the present moment ensures that you don’t worry about what happened and what will happen. The human body takes time to rehabilitate and there is no quick fix to re-balancing the muscular system. This principle ensures that steady progression will be met.

*Awareness is important to motor control and movement patterns. When you are aware of your movement or posture, you are better able to break bad habits and realize what motions or positions help or hinder your back. 

When medically cleared for back rehab exercises, increasing core strength is vital to reducing back pain and reintegrating movement patterns with better awareness, stability and bracing of the core. Always follow the guidelines prescribed from your medical doctor, surgeon or physical therapist. When you have been medically cleared, my back injury recovery exercise series can be of great benefit to your back post-injury. You can even show your medical team these videos in advance for permission, I have SO many doctors recommending their patients to my work now which is amazing because they are helping their patients use movement as medicine.

In this back injury recovery exercises level one we will address some of the deep core muscles that help align and stabilize the spine. Level one integrates basic exercises to bring awareness, strength and stabilization to the body. It is essential that these exercises, which build the foundations for the core musculature, are executed properly before progressing.Here are the moves you will experience in this video:

Back Injury Recovery Exercises Level One Follow Along exercises

  • cat
  • pelvic tilts / TVA activation

Ready to try it? Press play on the video below

Back Injury Recovery Exercises Level One Follow Along video

As always its important to check with your health care team before starting this or any exercise program.

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Till next time my friends, keep smiling and sweating!


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  1. Caroline, I’ve been on the couch for 5 months with no swim, jog, lift, yoga, bike, drum and miserable. MRIs show L5 area encroaching down with little space bringing spasms to the nerve. I will faithfully do your 3 part back injury series. Hoping to get back to my normal day with 1-2 hrs. of training. Thank you for your time and expertise!

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