Beginner Flexibility Routine (stretches for the inflexible)

Many people simply don’t stretch enough because they’re “not flexible.” But as your certifed health and fitness coach Im here to tell you….. to get flexible, you need to stretch. You just need to start with beginner stretches for flexibility that let you ease into it slowly. That way you will avoid injury and build mobility in the right way that enhances your ability to move well in life. Ready to join me for this quick beginner flexibility routine that will stretch your whole body and make you feel amazing? Lets do this thing!

Welcome to your beginner flexibility routine. This video is perfect if you are a beginner looking to improve your flexibility. Its also a good choice if you are unable to get down on the floor or put pressure on your knees. And even more it makes for an easy to follow stretch break during a busy day. We will work on mobility for your full body starting with your neck and working down to your feet. Im so thankful that you are here and proud of you for taking excellent care of your body. You will need a chair for this routine and it can be helpful to place that chair near a wall or second chair for balance. 

Before you begin stretching its important to do a little warm up. This will help prevent you from pulling anything and keep your stretching safe. I like to warm up with a light walk or self massage. It is ideal to foam roll and then stretch so that you can create more length in the muscles you just released through self massage. Using the theragun is a great way to prep muscles for movement and get rid of any tight spots that might be holding you back from feeling your best. The theragun is easy to use and great for beginners looking to improve their mobility and the way their bodies feel. You can apply the theragun to any tight muscle for pain relief and ease of movement. Throughout our routine I will be demonstrating how I use my theragun on each muscle before the stretch, that way if you have a massage gun you can try it on yourself to see if it enhances the experience. You can also learn how to use the Theragun Elite through their free app which gives you personalized wellness routines based on your activity. The coolest part is that the app syncs directly to my Theragun via bluetooth and can tell me if the pressure is just right to get the benefit. It doesnt’ take much time to see a big benefit, a few minutes of using the Theragun really works wonders. And because its so portable you can take it anywhere without having to get down on the floor. Many of my older clients love the theragun because it makes practicing self massage much more accessible and easy to do. While the cost of the gun might seem a lot, its nothing in comparison to the value you get from it. Think about how much money you are saving learning to become your own masseuse and how much you are saving preventing pain or injury from derailing the quality of your life. I use my Theragun every day so I think the cost is well worth the money. You use your body every day and I think learning to take better care of it with self massage is worth every penny. 

Whether you use a massage gun to warm up your muscles before you stretch them or do some light exercise, complete a few minutes of movement before starting this video. Once youve done that we can begin to release those tight muscles and melt into a new state of calm. Ready to stretch and release? Lets do this.

Beginner Flexibility Routine (stretches for the inflexible)

Comment below and let me know how you feel after this 10 minute session. And remember, practice makes progress, so keep at it and you will get more flexible in no time! If you like this video, please hit the LIKE button and SHARE with a friend or tag me on social media @carolinejordanfitness . And if you enjoy and benefit from the video content, please consider becoming a PATREON at or making a one time donation at: Venmo : @carolinejordanfitness so that I can continue to create more feel good fitness.


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