Best home exercises for weight loss for beginners (Follow Along)

Best home exercises for weight loss for beginners

Are you looking for the best home exercises for weight loss for beginners? Press play on this follow along fitness video that will teach you the fundamentals.

Best Exercises to Lose Weight At Home

As your certified health coach I would like to teach you the best exercises that you can practice at home to make yourself stronger, fitter and healthier. I’m here to guide you in learning the fundamentals so that you can build a foundation of fitness that allows you more energy for everything you love in life.

First things first…. Aerobic Exercises for Cardiovascular fitness and heart health.

My low impact cardio videos are considered one of the best weight loss exercises beginners can do at home. Many people love my indoor walking videos which move at a fast pace and are great exercise for burning calories. Others enjoy my quick, effective aerobic routines. My exercise programs are low impact and put minimal stress on your joints which means you can do them daily. I even offer a follow along fitness calendar on Patreon that tells you exactly what to do every day of the month, check it out here.

Secondly….. Strength Exercises for lean muscles and a healthy metabolism!

Strength exercises help burn calories and build lean muscle mass which boosts the metabolism and prevents fat from accumulating in your body. Strength exercise also helps improve your mobility and balance. A beginner should aim for 3 sets of 12-15 reps of at least one type of strength exercise for every major muscle group to expect good results. My at home strength exercise videos will teach you all the moves and help you find your strongest self!

Last but not least….. Gotta stay Flexible with Flexibility Exercises

As we age its important to keep the muscles mobile to prevent injury and maintain good posture. In this routine Ill guide you through a few simple stretches you can do post workout to keep muscles happy!

Remember When it comes to losing weight (and keeping it off!)….

the most important factors that need to be considered to lose weight are fitness, nutrition, and hormones. The balance between these is very important. In your everyday routine, if you follow your diet and skip exercise or work out intensely and not follow your diet then you will see your body behaving very differently. This video has the best home exercises for weight loss for beginners, however in order to see better results you must combine this video with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Thats where the FIX medical group restart program can help you. In 3 months you’ll get a comprehensive integrative medicine program that coaches you step by step towards sustainable healthy lifestyle changes that last. With the FIX team of doctors and coaches, their custom, personalized programming will be a shoulder-to-shoulder journey that we take with you to help you meet and exceed your health goals. Reset your metabolism, Restore your hormones and gut health to address the root cause of your injury or weight loss struggles, and Radiate with energy and confidence to spend more time doing what you love. Learn more about RESTART in a free consultation with the doctors at FIX. Visit : to schedule your free consultation and start changing your life today!

Best home exercises for weight loss for beginners (Follow Along)

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