30 minute Total Body Low Impact Cardio + Strength Workout With Weights (BOOST YOUR METABOLISM!)

total body cardio and strength workout

Strengthen and define your muscles with this 30-minute total body low impact cardio and strength workout with weights. This video uses compound weight training moves (aka strengthening exercises where you’re using more than one muscle group at the same time) for an effective, functional full-body routine. It’s what I call a “get the best bang for your buck” workout – we will make every second of your time count so you get the results you want. In this 30 minute workout expect to:

✅ Build lean muscles 💪
✅ Boost your metabolism (because more lean muscle mass on your body = more calorie burn during exercise AND rest!)
✅ Gain functional fitness (taking the stairs or picking up heavy grocery bags won’t feel as tough)
✅ Reduce injury risk (stronger glutes + core muscles = better movement patterns and fewer chances for aches and pains).
✅ Enhance performance in sport and life (greater strength and improved movement patterns = you hitting PR’s and feeling your best in daily life)
✅ Feel greater confidence and improve your body image. Yes, there is something about challenging yourself to do hard things and get STRONGER that makes you feel like a superhero. So chances are you’ll leave this workout feeling on top of the world.

This workout uses dumbbells. Here is where you can get my preferred brands:

You can absolutely still do the workout without equipment. It’s open to ALL. But to really get the most effective use of your time, I highly encourage you to invest in these affordable pieces of home exercise equipment. They will dramatically impact your results and your life!

❤ No matter how where you are in your health and fitness, you CAN start getting fit and improving your life! Start this workout with me, press play below

30 minute Total Body Low Impact Cardio + Strength Workout With Weights (BOOST YOUR METABOLISM!)

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