Abs Interval Workout // No Equipment No Repeats (10 Minutes)

abs interval workout

Sculpt and shape tight ab muscles with this 10 minute abs interval workout. This workout is an advanced home fitness routine to work your core from all angles.

When I get a good ab workout it makes me feel tall, strong, and powerful all day long! Its like superhero status strength – and everyone deserves to find exercise that helps them conquer their day.

If you’ve goals to strengthen your core but only got 10 minutes to get your sweat on, this video is just for you. Im going to give you the best BANG for your buck with ab exercises that REALLY work so you get MORE for your core through every movement.

This is a low impact core workout that will leave your muscles tired when you are done in the best way. To get the most out of this routine be sure to focus on moving slowly, while trying to get a full range of motion, and for an added muscle burn, don’t let your muscles relax until your time is up for each set. If you go through this and you don’t feel that just your bodyweight is enough of a challenge, then feel free to use extra weight in the form of dumbbells, medicine ball, or a weighted vest.

Abs Interval Workout Exercises

  • Hollow body tuck ups
  • Alternating heel taps
  • Reverse curl leg lifts
  • Frog crunch
  • Bicycle
  • V ups Right
  • V ups Left
  • Butterfly situp
  • Super man
  • Plank taps

Abs Interval Workout Video

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