Dance Fitness Strength Total Body Fusion Workout 45 Minutes – Low Impact (VERY EXCITING!)

dance fitness

Lengthen, strengthen, and energize your body with this 45 minute dance fitness total body workout! This 45 minute routine fuses low impact dance inspired cardio with floorwork sculpting to leave you feeling amazing.

I began dancing at a young age and haven’t stopped since. I grew up in pink tights and leotards, with yearly recitals and ballet exams. I explored Jazz, Modern, and even show choir (before “Glee” was cool). My passion for movement lead me to earn a B.A. in Dance from the University of California Davis. Dance is in my heart and soul – now you know why dance is fused into everything I teach on my Youtube channel.

This dance fitness low impact total body workout is inspired by my dancing roots. I created this video routine to be a fusion of NON STOP cardio and strength that blends techniques from ballet, Pilates and Fitness. We begin with 20 minutes of standing work before heading to the mat for 20 minutes of floor exercises. This workout will leave EVERYONE feeling graceful, strong, and elegant! Done consistently, this video will allow you to build a foundation of fitness for healthier posture, improved body alignment, increased balance, development of join strength, and precise control of the body. You don’t need to be a prima ballerina or have dance experience to do this workout, it is accessible to everyBODY to feel graceful, elegant, and strong.

You Will Love This Dance Fitness Workout Because It….

  • Offers amazing low impact cardio
  • Allows dancers and non-dancers alike to feel graceful and enjoy rhythmic movement.
  • Requires no new equipment and can be performed bare foot at home
  • Improves posture, core strength, and balance

This is a high energy workout will keep you moving, motivated, and mentally focused. Ready to try it? Press the video below and lets get started!

45 Min Dance Fitness Strength Total Body Fusion Workout – Low Impact (VERY EXCITING!)

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Remember no matter what, every day life gives you a chance to kick butt. Love sweating with you, keep up the good work!

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