Best Of The Bay: PSOAS massage and BodyWork!

Best Of The Bay: PSOAS massage and BodyWork!

When your career is to help other people take care of their bodies, it’s hard to remember to take care of your own. In my job as a fitness instructor and trainer, I am constantly working to help people enjoy a healthier life through fitness. It is my passion and has been a fulfilling and fantastic career.

The one downside? Your body becomes your livelihood, and when it’s out of commission…… so is your paycheck. Strains, sprains, body aches and pains happen – from the well trained athlete to the professional shopper, we’ve all had our share of injuries. I’ve been  to see Psoas for Bodywork several times – and I am continually impressed by the professionalism and incredibly skilled therapists. In this economy it is hard to justify spending precious dollars on massage – but the services at Psoas are worth every penny. Thanks to Psoas, I now know how necessary regular bodywork is to prolonging my active career and athletic performance – and that’s an investment worth making.

With Psoas it’s not just an exceptional relaxing massage – it’s an extraordinarily rehabilitative and rejuvenating experience. I highly recommend their services to all my classes and clients – they truly are the a collection of the BEST massage therapists in SF!

Check them out online at: . Sign up to receive their informative weekly newsletters and enjoy practical advice, insights into massage techniques, stretching tips, community news and upcoming local events. And of course you can join their social network on FACEBOOK or follow them on TWITTER .

This is the year to be HEALTHIER – let Psoas help you ring in the New Year feeling BRAND NEW! Thank you Psoas for all the incredible work that you do, my body loves you 🙂


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