Fearless FEMALE challenge: Don’t be afraid of the weights! TRAIN for STRENGTH!

Don't believe the Shake weight . Lift REAL weights for maximum body benefits.

The below is a favorite excerpt from one of my Favorite Books, The Female Body Breakthrough by Rachel Cosgrove.

“What do your workouts currently consist of? Are you a cardio queen or do you avoid the gym all together? Maybe your workouts consist of the recommended hour of cardio a day, and sometimes you’ll do a couple of aerobics classes in a row or spend hours on the treadmill going nowhere. Maybe you’ll stick to the rinky-dink weights and barely break a sweat, afraid to actually challenge yourself because you fear “BIG, bulky, muscles” or getting too masculine. You might hit up the adduductor, abductor, or butt blaster every once in a while or pick up some light weights for a lot of repetitions, but keep it light because you are afraid spontaneous muscles might accidentally pop up. And if you don’t have time to fit everything in, you skip the weights completely and just do the cardio. After all…. it burns the most calories…. or so you think.

All this and I bet you are completely frustrated, because your body isnt changing and you dont look anything like the in shape woman you want to be. Or maybe you don’t workout at all because in the past you’ve become frustrated after not having success with all of the above so you gave up. All that work for nothing? I would give up too.”

As a fitness professional, I see women deal with the above limiting beliefs constantly. All the strength training research and information never helps – we still fear the weights. WHY?! Why do we still choose to believe weights are a negative thing? In order for this to change, I believe we need to get more women hooked on strength. Results have a way of challenging beliefs…. and (hopefully!) changing them to bring positive things in 🙂

So you want to look and feel like a fit female? Don’t be afraid of challenging yourself in the gym and stepping OUTSIDE your comfort zone. Make strength training a priority. Build a body that is toned and defined because it has MUSCLE. Spend less time in the gym – but INCREASE the intensity at which you train. Put demands on your body – challenge it to change through strength training.

To all the women out there, I challenge you to get IN the weight room. To change the way you THINK  about STRENGTH training. To learn to see muscle and strength as GOOD things. I am here to support you in finding a strength program that works for you. Lets build your confidence in the gym – and create a body that is beautiful and strong.

The weight room can be an intimidating and confusing place. Build a foundation of knowledge and strength – CONTACT ME for session packages and rates.

A body you LOVE and are PROUD of. Time to get STRONG!

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