Meditation and BREATH work!

We breathe, on average, between 18.000 and 22,000 times per day. How often do you actually stop and pay attention to your breathing? Seldom to never right? Its amazing, but the simple process of listening to your breath and focusing on it becomes a tremendous aid in feeling balanced, reducing stress, and controlling anxiety.

Meditation is simple, yet powerful. You dont need that much time to do it. Focus on deep belly breaths for 10 minutes. I often set my phone timer for 10 minutes so that it will ring to tell me my time is up. Once you’ve established a time and a place all you need to do is breathe. In. Out. In. Out. Let your thoughts go where they want to go. Dont direct them. Your mind will take care of itself if you step away and just observe it, so to speak. Give it time and space to re-organize and replenish itself. Ten minutes is all it takes – but take more if you want.

Take 10 minutes a day to MEDITATE!

Id like to invite you to set aside 10 minutes each day for meditation. Call it prayer time, quiet time, or whatever you want. Im just asking that you take 10 minutes of “you time” to be quiet. This helps you work on your inner self and sets the tone for your entire day. You can sit quietly, lie down, take a bath, or go sit outside in a park – whatever works best.

QUIET your mind and FOCUS on your breath. And just BREATHE! If you do this, it will make a profound difference on your day. Try it every day for a week and see how you feel. Do this every day all year, and your life will be TRANSFORMED… meditation and breath work is POWERFUL!

Let me know how your daily meditation helps you 🙂 Cant wait to hear how it goes!



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