Fearless Fitness Weekly Update 2/28: Get Your Downward Dog ON!


Can’t wait for our MARCH FEARLESS FITNESS WORKOUT THIS WEEK!! Get ready to sweat!

1. NEXT FEARLESS FITNESS WORKOUT: THIS TUESDAY MARCH 2RD AT 7:15PM!! After a long month, it’s finally here! I’ve missed working out with you all! Our workout this week will combine heart pumping drills with core strengthening exercises to help you start your spring season strong! At the end of our meeting, we have a SPECIAL GUEST speaker, Jae Berman. Jae currently works as the Regional Registered Dietitian of The San Francisco Bay Club and as a clinical Dietitian for the UCSF Medical Center. She is a certified ACSM Health Fitness Specialist and has been a personal trainer, yoga teacher and Pilates instructor for eight years. You can read more about Jae, watch tv clips, and read her blog here: http://www.jaebermannutrition.com/

Jae’s talk will provide nutritional guidance and diet tips to help you on your way towards keeping your Fearless Fitness Resolutions. Do you have questions about diet, nutrition, fueling for sports, or healthy snacks on the go? Bring them all! Jae will help guide you in the right direction towards making healthier food choices.


Although magazines call it the new exercise trend, yoga practice is nearly 5,000 years old. Yoga is not a religion, but instead a system for harmonizing body, mind and spirit, providing a venue for quiet contemplation in which all beliefs are honored. Yoga movements are done with deep, smooth breathing, and combined with guided relaxation to help “tone down the noise” of our hurried lifestyles. It’s important to understand that yoga isn’t a physical fitness or weight loss gimmick. Like anything that has lasting effects, yoga requires regular practice, patience and persistence. We need to do it, not just think about it. The results are worth it: along with enhancing our physical health, yoga helps us to be more present and emotionally balanced in our day to day lives. We begin to feel like human “beings” who enjoy and appreciate life, instead of mechanical human “doings” who simply spin life’s treadmill. This freedom and peace is at the heart of yoga.

Practicing Yoga Can:
*** Reduce stress and increase mental clarity
*** Strengthen the immune system
*** Increase strength, stamina, and flexibility
*** Provide inner calm and steadiness
*** Improve posture, skin, and muscle tone
*** Create a positive self-image
*** Improve circulatory and respiratory fitness
*** Create healing, relief from injuries & chronic conditions

Uncover these benefits and much more by adding yoga into your regular fitness routine!

3. FEARLESS FITNESS CHALLENGE of the week: Try out a yoga class (or a few!). Did you know our city is home to some of the best instructors in the WORLD? It’s time to take advantage of San Francisco’s collection of talented yoga instructors and beautiful studios. With dozens of studios and gyms offering yoga classes – your options are endless! It’s best to ask friends for Yoga recommendations (LULULEMON can point you towards some GREAT instructors/classes). Your experience with yoga will depend entirely on the instructor and style of yoga taught. It’s best to do a little research before hand to make sure you’ll enjoy the class. Most studios post instructor bios online, as well as updated class descriptions and style explanations. Some of the classes I’ve attended have been fabulous, while others have not been the best choice for me. Know yourself and what you want from the yoga practice – with thousands of classes/instructors offered, there will be a class perfect for you.

Can’t make it to a studio class this week? Practice on your own at home! Yoga Journal offers FREE online yoga video podcasts. Find them online here:


Each practice is about 20 min. long and is perfectly suited to ALL levels. Pick and choose from “Hip Opening Sequence”, “Forward Folds”, or “Detoxifying Twists”. One 20 min practice will be the PERFECT amount of work for those short on time. Remember – ANYTHING is better than nothing! Have fun, be safe, and rejuvinate your mind, body, and spirit!

Thanks again for being an amazing FEARLESS fitness family! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me 🙂 Looking forward to our next workout on Tuesday with Jae Berman! Make sure to bring your energy, smiles, and a FRIEND!!


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