Fearless Fitness Weekly Update 8/22: Take a HIKE!


1.) Upcoming Lululemon Athletica GRANT AVE Store Events:

*** YOGA ON THE ROOF is THIS WEEK, Wednesday August 25th. This event will take place on the 4th Floor Terrace at the W San Francisco (181 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103). Join us for a complimentary yoga session led by Sean Haleen, who teaches Anusara-inspired and Vinyasa Flow yoga. Yoga newbies and veterans alike are encouraged to bring their yoga mats and luxuriate in an invigorating, playful and introspective one-hour session that deeply explores specific areas of the body and the philosophy of yoga. This event continues every other Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. through the end of the year. As a special post-session treat, all participants are invited to take a dip in W San Francisco’s pool. Yoga sessions are open to hotel guests and the local community.

*** RUN CLUB! Join lululemon rockstars Jessica Iyer and Clay Turk for Run Club this Thursday night at 6pm. Plan for a great 5K or 10K run around the city with your friends from lululemon!

*** Sunday Morning YOGA! Please join us in our store at 9:30am for a complimentary yoga class! The class invites all abilities, ages, etc., to his class so don’t be shy! We have extra mats!

All events are free and lead by instructors of the Lululemon Grant Avenue family. If you have any questions, stop in the Union Square STORE and ask one of the helpful staff members!


Hiking the Grind in Vancouver with Lululemon!

One of the highlights of my trip to Vancouver with Lululemon was hiking the Grouse Grind with the other Ambassadors. The Grouse Grind is Vancouver’s most used trail and is renowned for its challenge in requiring physical strength and endurance in order to make it to the top. The short 1.8 mile hike is best known as “Mother Nature’s Stair Climber” – the trail goes straight up from the valley floor to the peak’s plateau at a 56% slope.  On average it takes up to an hour and a half to complete the hike….. some athletes have set a trail running record at 37 minutes!

The hike inspired this weeks challenge…. Hiking for Fitness!

An active outdoor lifestyle is a great way to stay fit, and hiking is an ideal way to get and stay in shape. Hiking helps to condition your major muscle groups and cardiovascular system.

  1. If you are new to hiking, start easy and set realistic goals. Take short walks around your neighborhood or on nature trails. Gradually lengthen your hikes. On your first long hike, start off slowly to avoid excess fatigue part way through.
  2. For longer day hikes bring plenty of water or high-energy drinks. Eat lots of healthy snacks throughout.
  3. Wear sturdy footwear that offers good traction and support.
  4. Bring a spare pair of socks in case the ones you’re wearing get wet.
  5. Pack extra layers. An average hike could take you from hot, humid or protected areas to cold and windy, exposed conditions within one to two hours.

Ready to get started? Here are a few helpful tips for you to plan your next hiking trip!


This week I challenge you to plan your next hiking adventure. There are hiking trails EVERYWHERE – all you’ve got to do is look! Here are a few excellent resources:

*** San Francisco Bay Area Hiker . This website has all the information you could ever need on hikes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sort hikes by difficulty level/location or read their blog for updates on the latest trails to discover.

*** Trails.com Everything from easy day hikes to moderately strenuous hikes and extended overnight backpacking trips all over the United States. Find thousands of nature trails and interpretive trails, lake hikes and river hikes, hikes to viewpoints and mountain summits, urban hiking trails and backcountry treks – something for hikers of all abilities and experience levels, from the occasional day-hiker or nature walker to the seasoned hiker and long trail backpacker.

*** Slacker-Packer.com . Cute name huh? Comprehensive list of all  California trails and hikes.

*** Dont want to leave San Francisco?! Take a friend and head over to Telegraph hill for some steep incline walking. Grab a windbreaker and walk over the Golden Gate. Stroll down Chrissy Field and head up the Sand Stairs in Fort Point. Our windy city has trails…. you’ve just got to look!

I’ve got an Angel Island hike planned already….. where will you be walking?! Cant wait to hear all about your hiking adventures 🙂 As always, THANK YOU for being an amazing Fearless Family. If you have any comments and questions – feel free to email me. Hope to see you in a class or at the store soon!!


Lululemon Ambassadors Celebrating after our success on the Grouse Grind!

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