Do You BOSU?

I LOVE BOSU fitness products and teach with them on a weekly basis. The “half-shaped ball” has been around for a while…. . yet many fitness fanatics are confused by this training tool.

“Is it a bouncy step or just another way to do a fancy pushup?” “Are there limits to what you can do with it?” “What the heck does ‘BOSU’ stand for?”

It’s time to clarify things a bit and educate you on ways you can use BOSU products to get fit! First a little fitness history for you, thanks to the Official BOSU Team.

*Pronounced “Bo,” like the boy’s name, and “Sue,” like the girl’s name, BOSU products have revolutionized the fitness industry.

What began as the launch of one of the most innovative products the fitness industry has ever seen turned out to be just the start of a journey that continues to expand, shape and define functional training. Invented by David Weck, the BOSU® Balance Trainer debuted in 2000 and quickly became one of the most successful fitness training products in the world. Originally the name “BOSU” was an acronym for “Both Sides Up.” It meant that the BOSU® Balance Trainer could be used on either side, the dome or the platform.

Today, the term “BOSU” has evolved beyond the product to now mean “Both Sides Utilized,” a mindful approach to exercise that is a step beyond traditional training. All of the BOSU® products and programming, are grounded in exercise science and proven in real-life application. Read more on the SCIENCE behind the products HERE.

BOSU® Training is about expanding movement capabilities, reshaping bodies and strengthening minds. It’s about inserting thought into movement. It’s about asking clients, fitness students and athletes to be physically involved, and also be present and fully engaged in the training process.

BOSU products are known industry-wide for training balance, enhancing flexibility and delivering killer cardio workouts. They have an unprecedented reputation for building strength and fine tuning skills for sport.

It doesn’t matter if you’re facing the toughest competition of your athletic career, looking to return to a fitter you, or just starting out. BOSU® Training can see you through it all with new challenges and exercise progressions always just around the corner.

BOSU® training exercises have been developed by a team of elite master trainers and are grounded in science, theory and practical information. This team works constantly to provide safe and effective functional balance training programs easily adaptable for all levels of fitness.

I believe BOSU training will continue to expand, shape, and define what functional training is, what it can accomplish, and ways in which it can impact the human body and mind. I challenge you to take your diversify your exercise program – DISCOVER what BOSU® training can do for you!

3.) Fearless Fitness Challenge of the Week: Bring It BOSU!

Have you tried the BOSU fitness products? Your challenge this week is to experience what the BOSU can do for you – to ELEVATE your training and discover something new! Not sure how to get started? Ask the trainers at your local gym on safe, effective ways to use the BOSU to play. I  teach with BOSU products every week – check out my CLASS SCHEDULE if you’d like a fun group fitness BOSU experience! Below are a few fun BOSU core training exercises for you. Enjoy and hope to see you in class soon!

Form Pointers:

  • Always keep your body in proper alignment during each exercise.  It’s normal to shift to keep your balance, but make sure you don’t slump.
  • If you feel too wobbly, hold onto a wall for balance or take out any jumps that make you uncomfortable.
  • Start with a light weight or no weight to perfect your form.
Full Crunch
Sit on the dome forward of the bull’s eye and draw the knees into the chest, hands behind the head.  Make sure you’re not tipping forward or back.  Squeeze the abs and lift the shoulders and hips off the dome in a full crunch.  Lower and repeat for 8 to 16 reps.
bosu_superhuman.jpg (12688 bytes)
Sit with hips slightly forward on the dome and place your hands behind you.  Lift your legs up into a V and lean torso back, keeping back straight (don’t collapse) and abs contracted.  Lift the arms and hold for 20 to 60 seconds.
bosu_vsit.jpg (14462 bytes)
With the dome side down, get into push-up position, on knees or toes, with hands on the either side of the platform.  Hold this position, keeping a straight line from head to heels and keeping the abs braced. Hold for 20 to 60 seconds.
bosu_sideplank.jpg (10330 bytes)
From above position, keep the arms straight and the body in alignment as you rock the BT forward and back for 8 to 10 reps.  Rest and repeat for 1 to 3 sets.  Add side tilts as well for more challenge.

You can also find a video of me online demonstrating my favorite BOSU core exercise  at the BOSU facebook fan page . And for those of you looking for something a bit more challenging…. this is one is tough…. Ball Pike Pushup!

Let me know how it goes or if you need a friend to BOSU with 😉 Have a FEARLESS week! I will see you round Grant Ave lululemon soon!


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