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Foam roller stretches

These foam roller stretches will help your body recover faster from fitness training. Use this full-body self massage video to help you see better results in the gym. If you’re planning on including some active recovery time to your training so that you can perform better, this foam roller stretch routine will help you achieve your goals!

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The foam roller is a type of self-myofascial release tool in which pressure is applied to certain body parts to relieve pain. In my Strong Body coaching program, I have members schedule active rest days and recovery activities so that their bodies can let go of cortisol and see greater results from training. When I talk about scheduling rest days into your workout routine, I’m not always referring to total rest. Active recovery is any type of movement that keeps the body in motion without causing stress to the muscles, bones and connective tissues. It could include low-impact movements like brisk walking, yoga, water-based activities, and foam rolling (self massage). Purposeful exercises like controlled breathing and meditation are active recovery options you can work into your schedule every day to relieve stress, improve cardiovascular health and build mental resilience. Remember training STRESSES the body out. In order to see real results you have to let GO of that stress with active rest and recovery techniques. This total body foam roller stretches routine will help you achieve your recovery goals and get the rest you need to succeed.

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In this foam roller stretches exercise video you will massage all of your muscles from head to toe.

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IF YOU ARE NEW TO FOAM ROLLING BE AWARE: foam rolling involves applying pressure to areas of built-up tension (or trigger points) and it might feel slightly uncomfortable at first. This is completely normal and means that you should start by applying only some of your body weight as you roll (i.e. use your hands and other leg to control the pressure). Also, foam rolling can at first feel like a workout in itself because you will need to shift and hold your body in new positions in order to target the right muscle groups!

This foam roller stretches video was sponsored by Pretty Little Thing X Active. I love my new workout wear and am grateful to be outfitted in such fashionable clothes to sweat in! Here’s what Im wearing in this video:

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Ready to get rollin? Here are the foam roller stretches we will be doing in this video:

Foam Roller Stretches for Recovery (Full-Body Self Massage Exercise)

  • shins and ankles
  • quads
  • crossfiber quads and TFL
  • calves (sitting up or lying down)
  • hip flexor stretch and spine twist on roller
  • hips / piraformis
  • upper back / lats
  • shoulders
  • neck
  • Laying long on the roller twist with arms up

Sounds relaxing right? Press play on the video below and lets ROLL IT OUT.

Foam Roller Stretches for Recovery (Full-Body Self Massage Exercise) Video

For best results, make regular foam rolling a consistent part of your daily life. Just a few minutes makes a big difference! Do a few of these foam rolling exercises for a couple of minutes each day and you’ll see improvements in how you feel and perform. I made this video so you can use it often to feel better, move better, and live better! I hope its a routine you come back to for healthy, happy muscles.

Do you use a foam roller? What are the muscles you always want to massage?

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Love rolling with you. Cheers to keeping our muscles happy and mobile!


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