Frightfully Fierce Fitness.

The Caroline Jordan Fitness Guide to a HEALTHY, HAPPY, Halloween!

Its the TRUTH. People who exercise out of enjoyment last 25% longer than those who sweat because they feel obligated to do it. This Halloween, I challenge you to have more FUN with your workouts. Celebrate the season of spook with my “Frightfully Fierce Circuit” and “Very Superstitious” Halloween Playlist. The haunted holiday only comes once a year after all. SAVOR life and celebrate it a little! It might scare you to find you actually have a good time…


Frightfully Fierce Workout: Caroline’s Crafty Halloween Circuit! 

Get ready for my fun and festive HALLOWEEN Circuit. This 10 minute routine doesn’t require any equipment and uses total body exercises for an effective and efficient workout. It’s perfect for the gym, traveling, or at home training. For best body results, aim to train your core at least 2-3 times per week.

Caroline’s Crafty Core Circuit Includes the following “evil Halloween drills”:

  • “Witches Hat”
  • “Scardey Cats”
  • “Creepy Crawlers”
  • “Graveyard Glutes”
  • “Be-witched Twist”
  • “Spider Plank”


Complete the routine once, twice, or three times through for a quick and challenging core training session. Or combine the exercises with Caroline’s “Trick OR Treat “Time Saving Cardio Routine for a complete cardio and core workout!

Caroline’s “Trick Or Treat” Time Saving Cardio Routine

  • 3-5 Minute Warm-up Walk
  • 90 Second Sprint
  • 60 Second Jog
  • 60 Second Sprint
  • Repeat 5 Times Through!

My OTHER favorite festive workout suggestion? Go on a Haunted Halloween walk with a group of friends and check out all the frightful house decorations! My girlfriends and I hiked through the San Francisco hills of Pacific Heights to oogle at the rich mansion’s and their decor. The walk made for a great low-impact workout AND we got our thrills seeing all the ghosts, goblins, and spiderwebs!

Not scared yet? Heres a playlist that will make you shiver….

“Very Superstitious” Halloween Playlist

  • Mad House / Rihanna
  • Zombie Nation Remix / Kernkraft 400
  • Sexy and I Know It / LMFAO
  • Moar Ghosts N Stuff / Deadmau5
  • Heads Will Roll / Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Blood On the Dance Floor / Michael Jackson
  • Blood Is Pumpin’ 2005 (Radio Edit) / Voodoo & Serano
  •  Teeth / Lady GaGaf
  • Beautiful Monster-(Low Sunday Radio Edit) / Ne-Yo
  • Firestarter / The Prodigy
  • Dragula / Rob Zombie
  • Monster / Lady GaGa
  • The Fear (StoneBridge Radio Edit) / Lily Allen
  • Get Your Freak On (Remix) / Missy Elliott feat. Nelly Furtado
  • Freaks Come Out At Night / Whodini
  •  Round & Round MASTERMIX – Bodyrockers vs ZZ Top
Do you plan to work out on Halloween? Will you celebrate to any of these songs or do the above workout just for the fun of it?  Post your comments and workout accomplishments below!! Have a happy and healthy Halloween!
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