Gym Bag Playlist. Gear up and Get After It!

971720_10101995563247083_1671868094_nRecently I was one of the featured fitness pro’s for an American Council Of Exercise article “Whats in A Trainer’s Gym Bag”. I loved the idea of the post so much, I thought I’d share my gym essentials with you in a blog post.

It’s true, long days require you to come prepared. If you pack your gym bag full of some essentials you’ll never have to worry about losing motivation or forgetting your socks! Here’s what I keep with me to fuel great workouts from start to finish:

Caroline’s Gym Bag Playlist. Gear up and Get After It!

    • ZICO coconut water. It’s my go-to pre or post workout drink. My favorite flavors are natural and passion and I’m dying to try the new ZICO latte flavor.
    • Extra hair ties. The no crease style has become super popular in San Francisco – pop your hair up in a pony tail for a class and take it down after without a weird kink (brilliant!)
    • A good pair of earbuds to keep your music pumping. Love this stylish pair from Diane von Furstenberg.
    • Kind or Lara Bars
    • Zip lock bag of almonds or trail mix. Portioned out for an easy on the go energy fix.
    • Yoga Tune Up Balls. Easy DIY deep tissue massage on the go. These are perfect for pre exercise muscle prep or working out the kinks post workout.
    • iTRAIN. Online downloadable podcasts for all fitness formats (running, bootcamp, pilates, stretching, elliptical, cycling, etc). Updated weekly with top trainers from around the world (myself included). iTRAIN is great for when you want to take a class but there isnt one on the schedule at your gym. I load up a few on my iphone in advance so that I have a few options to get me motivated for a fun guided workout when I get to the gym.
    • Vega One Nutritional Shake. Vega One is a clean, plant-based protein shake that is made from natural, whole-food ingredients. No need to be vegetarian—just mix and enjoy. Im obsessed with the vanilla chia flavor – I pack it in zip lock baggies and mix when I am on the go. Its seriously delicious. Since it can be expensive at Whole Foods, I buy my containers off Its the BEST resource for all your vitamins/supplements at cost and they are always offering great deals and free shipping on orders over $50 dollars.
    • Extra small bag for workout shoes or stinky gym clothes – no cross contamination allowed!
    • Two pairs of socks. I like to have an extra pair just incase. I love lululemon ultimate no show run sock – it comes in fun colors and keeps my toes feeling great.
    • BPA foldable water bottle with funny sayings to keep you smile as you sip. #tooninjaforthis
    • Gym Bag Pump Me Up Playlist. Nothing motivates me more than a strong beat. Heres the playlist I’ve been sweating too lately, pack it with you for your gym workouts and get after it!!

Whats one thing you have to pack in your gym bag to ensure a great workout? Leave your #1 item as a comment below. Stock up your gym tote with all of the above and you’ll always feel geared up for a great workout!


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