Happy Holidays! 3 Stress Busting Tips

Happy Holidays! This time of year is about giving, family, love and sweet memories. Yet, all too often  we get caught up in to-do lists, shopping, cooking and ensuring everyone around us is enjoying the season.

And while I certainly don’t want you to lose sight of the joyous festivities and time spent with loved ones, I encourage you to take special care of yourself to ensure your needs are met, too!

Not only will this help combat the stress of the holidays, but it also makes certain that you have more love to give to everyone around you. Here are a few ways to take care of you this holiday season:


Holidays Stress Buster #1: Take A Breather

Find some space to pause, relax and breathe. With visiting family, tons of obligations, work deadlines and shopping, carving out some special time for rest and relaxation is necessary. You don’t need to go on a spa day, even a few minutes of simple meditation will do the trick in helping calm your mind so you can be fully present during seasonal events. Try this easy deep breathing technique for quick, effective relaxation. Just a few minutes of unwinding will go far in the peace of your body and mind.

Holidays Stress Buster #2: Keep It Simple

It can be tricky to pull off, but try to avoid holiday tasks you do out of obligation instead of enjoyment. If you bake cookies for your co-workers ever year, but no longer find it fun, think of a different, more enjoyable way to share the merry cheer. Look at your to-do list and take off the un-essential extras that stress you out. Trim your to-do list like you trim your Christmas tree, keep only the events that fill your season with joy.

Holidays Stress Buster #3: Sweat It Out

Take extra advantage of this time to squeeze in more exercise. If you have time off work, or are out of town, treat yourself to a fitness class you normally wouldn’t have access to. Or keep it simple and workout from the comfort of your own home on Youtube. Press play on any of my no home exercise classes here. 

I also recommend that families go on evening strolls or morning walks together. What better way to enjoy the neighborhood Christmas lights AND get in a little exercise? I love after dinner walks with my family. Its a great way to spend time bonding and aids in digestion.

What do you do to destress during the holidays and busy end of year season? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Holidays to you my friend!!! I am sending warm wishes to you and your family 🙂 Enjoy your time with loved ones and your favorite treats… you deserve it!!!


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