Happy Holidays from my Happy Heart.

Family Holiday Card 2015
Family Holiday Card 2015

Dear Friends,

As 2015 comes to a close, I want to thank you for being a part of my world and this incredibly colorful journey called life. From the fitness classes to special charity events, inspiring retreats and corporate wellness workshops, we’ve shared many healthy and happy memories together. This blog has been running for over 8 years and connects with readers in 182 countries around the world. The YouTube channel has grown into a community of over 10,000 subscribers and on the facebook page we share thoughts of the day and motivating photos. WOW. Thats a lot of you! Together we can be the change in creating an environment that supports a healthier, happier world inside and out. Our community both online and off continues to amaze and inspire me. It’s reading stories like Megan’s about using the Youtube channel to overcome an eating disorder and live healthy. It’s receiving emails with positive progress updates from students in fitness classes. It’s seeing yelp reviews of what you have accomplished and how you feel from our time together. It’s presenting a corporate wellness workshop and having participants come up with a big “thank you” after it.  YOU are the reason I love my job and find purpose in my work. You are the reason I wake up excited to create, consult, collaborate, and coach. You are my motivation, my inspiration, and my heart. Thank you  for being a part of the #trainpositive community both online and off. 

Let me ask you: Where are you on your healthy life journey? How can I help you along the way? Tell me what you need support on in the comments below (fitness, stress, balance, lifestyle, etc). I hope to learn more about you and how I can better serve you. It brings me great joy to see you thrive.

And on one last note, in 2015 I wrote my first book, “Balanced Body Breakthrough” and launched a 90 day kickstarter campaign to get it published through InkShares. InkShares is reader based crowd funding that works off book pre-orders. *** In October 2015, InkShares changed their pre-order requirement to 250 pre-orders for all books. That means, if readers believe in your book and 250 pre-order copies are sold, the book gets published through InkShares. They handle editing, design, marketing, and publishing of the book from start to finish. I am really proud of this project and believe in it’s content. 

I am currently at 198 pre-order copies sold, SO close to the 250 book order goal for publishing with 46 days left in the campaign. Im reaching out to see if you and your community might be open to support me in this dream. The kickstarter campaign page is here:


You can read excerpts from the book here:

I truly believe in this project and am positive it will inspire both individual and community wellness. I know this book will help me share my message of feel good fitness and grow our community of positive people who work to live in health and happiness. Thank you to those of you who have already pre-ordered a copy and for those of you who are considering, trust me the book is worth it! Backing this project helps me AND helps you in wellness. I have 42 days left. I know we can do this. 

I filmed a little holiday video below to thank you for another great year and to wish you happiness. I hope you enjoy it. May you know how incredibly grateful I am for your support and to have you as part of my positive community online and off. 

With love and gratitude,

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