Caroline Jordan Fitness Tip of the Week: Instant Energy

Have you ever suffered from an ENERGY SHORTAGE? You may be a victim of hidden energy zappers.

If you’ve lost the spring in your step or you’re feeling dog-tired even before your workout, you may be suffering from low energy levels. This feeling could be sabotaging your workouts, health, or affecting other parts of your life.

Its time to talk about silent energy saboteurs and make sure they aren’t preventing you from living in FULL POWER. You are a person full of possibility and potential, but without energy you can’t make the most of it. The below tips  will help you keep your energy high and help you live your best life. Tap into your personal power supply with these tips!

ENERGY Zappers. Caroline’s tips on how to get your POWER back!

Low Iron Levels

About 12% of American women and 7% of men have an iron deficiency, which leaves you feeling drained and lethargic. A runner can slow to a jogger and still be tired. In Spinning classes, this effect can even be worsened, since you’re indoors, focused on your heart rate or monitor, and literally not moving.

Vegetarians, dieters, and athletes (especially bikers and runners), are at an increased risk for iron deficiency. Iron-rich foods such as meat, beans and cereals can keep iron levels high. To maximize absorption into your system, they are best consumed with a food high in Vitamin C. You can also purchase over- the-counter iron pills or multivitamins with iron if needed. Make sure to consult with your doctor if you think you may have low iron levels or are considering taking iron supplements.

Low Blood Sugar

Food is energy. If you regularly skip meals—especially breakfast—you are going to pay for it. In addition, meals should be well-balanced with the proper amount of carbs, protein and fats. Take a look at your diet,and ask yourself if you are properly fueling for your life. You cant expect your car to run on empty. Make the lifestyle changes you need to keep going full speed. Click here to get some ideas on pre/post workout eats to give you the most training energy.


Many drugs, including blood pressure medication and some birth control pills, can affect energy. Antibiotics can cause strange fluctuations in your strength. If you suspect that your medicine is zinging your stamina, check with your doctor about making a switch.

Poor Sleep

Are you trying to survive on six hours or less of sleep? We often have to make a conscious effort to get in bed an hour earlier. This may be a huge challenge, but it will make you a better athlete … and person. Stop working two hours before bed and turn off the tv /computer.  Does your spouse snore or is your neighborhood loud? The quality of your sleep can have as much of an impact as the quantity. Make time to fit quality REST into your routine to have MORE energy 24-7.

Unrecognized allergies

Histamines and other chemicals released by an allergic reaction can make people feel tired. Allergies can also interfere with breathing, which deprives your muscles of rich oxygen. Visit your doctor if you think you have allergies that are preventing you from enjoying healthy energy levels. Get the help you need to succeed no matter what season!


Are you getting enough water? Eight glasses plus? There are SO many benefits of water. Being dehydrated can sap your energy and make you feel tired — even mild dehydration of as little as 1 or 2 percent of your body weight. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated — and this can lead to fatigue, muscle weakness, dizziness and other symptoms. Be mindful…. how much water are you actually consuming? Creating a water habit will help you reach healthy hydration levels and gain more energy. Click here to read some tips to help you drink up! Make an effort to hydrate and you’ll quickly have more energy in your life.


Even mild forms of depression (e.g., from lack of sunlight) and anxiety are associated with low levels of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that can affect energy and mood. You may want to seek professional help if you think your tiredness may be associated with depression. Smiling = energy. Smile more and instantly feel better 😉


We have talked about overtraining a lot on this blog. And lets be honest,  I struggle with this because I love movement TOO MUCH.  Check out these posts for good reads if you are in the same boat as me: SIGNS OF OVERTRAINING and The Secret to SPRINTING (my personal favorite 🙂 . Its good to be honest and look at your workout/life routine. Are you doing too much? Have you followed a hard/easy regimen or are you constantly pushing yourself day after day ? What’s the use if you are going to lose your energy? This week sit down and look at your typical training routine. What does a weekly workout schedule look like for you? Do your workouts leave you feeling invigorated and excited to do them again? Or are you left more exhausted and more burnt out than when you began?

One or more of these factors may be contributing to low energy levels in your life. But here’s the good news: now you know what is wrong and you can fix it. It’s a good starting point from which to reevaluate your lifestyle and move forward. Best of all, it will bring the fun back into your workout so that you feel like you’re “going out to play” again when you train.

Caroline Jordan Fitness Challenge of the Week: Increase Your Energy!

How can you use the tips above to live your life fully powered? This week I want to challenge you to make a conscious effort to do the following:

  1. Eat Iron Rich Foods. Good ideas HERE.
  2. Enjoy a healthy diet and balance your energy level consistently throughout the day.
  3. SLEEP MORE. Go to bed one hour earlier – make time for 8 hours a night!
  4. HYDRATE! Drink as much fresh water as you can.
  5. Smile More. It seriously WORKS! Come to class… I can help you with it 😉
  6. Structure a weekly workout schedule that makes sense for YOU and your goals. Make sure it is balanced, fun, and effective.
This week I challenge you to evaluate how your energy levels are now and where you want them to be in the future. Take a moment to reflect on how you can effectively incorporate the above challenges into your routine. Then leave a comment below when you successfully accomplish one of the above. I want to know when you drink 8 glasses + of water. I want to know how amazing you feel after a good night of sleep. I want to see what your structured workout routine looks like (and congratulate you on it!). Leave a comment below with one way you are going to live this week with MORE ENERGY. I cant wait to see you smile and watch you live FULLY POWERED.
Thanks again for everything! Looking forward to reading your comments and seeing you soon 🙂

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