Lead With Your HEART and Make it Happen

This past December, the American Council On Exercise awarded me as one of their “Trainer’s with Passion”. They came and took fun photos of my group exercise classes and interviewed me about my career path in the fitness industry. I thought I would share my story and some of the photos from the shoot in this space. I hope it inspires you to CHOOSE your dream and go after it 🙂

“Lead with your HEART and make it happen. ACE Personal Trainer with Passion”

Caroline Jordan, Fitness Professional San Francisco CA. 

“The sound of a 36 count cues me to wake up. It’s 5:30 in the morning and time for my mother’s step class. Quickly I dress to meet her in the kitchen as she finishes her coffee and carefully reviews her choreography. We have rehearsed the routine before and I get to demonstrate the advanced options during the class. Together we head out into the early morning for another energetic workout and the start of a great day.
Fitness has always been a part of my life. My mother was an aerobics instructor back in the colorful days of leotards and legwarmers. Together we attended pre/post natal fitness classes, mother-daughter workouts, dance lessons, and fitness conventions. Each workout nurtured my excitement and passion for fitness. Movement is rooted in my mind, body, and spirit. I can’t imagine living and not sharing that joy with others.
I was 15 when I told my mother my future was in fitness. I wanted to turn my passion for movement into a successful full time career. Any mother would be concerned, as fitness wasn’t an acceptable or profitable career path at the time.  With a strong will and commitment, I went on to pursue my dream with a determination to be successful at what I loved. After a few years of teaching group fitness, my college mentor encouraged me to get my ACE personal trainer certification. I was hesitant at first, I thought my “calling” was in the group exercise studio. Something in my gut kept telling me to go for it, so I studied hard and took the test. I still remember how excited I was when I opened the certificate of completion in the mail. It was then I knew I had chosen the right career.

Twelve years later I find myself happily working as a full time fitness instructor, personal trainer, and fitness business owner. Everyday I am grateful that I find passion and purpose in my work. Becoming an ACE certified personal trainer has enabled me to create a career from something I love. ACE has provided me with the education and skills needed to succeed as fitness professional. I am so grateful that I choose to take the ACE test. It was the pivotal decision that made my dream happen.

I believe that fitness is not just about exercise, but about creating an experience that brings joy to people’s lives. Through my work as an ACE personal trainer, I strive to provide excellence, commitment, and inspiration to others. My goal is to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit; to help people realize personal happiness through wellness .The ACE philosophy and professional community continues to inspire me everyday. Thanks ACE for making a difference in my world, so that I can make a difference in others.

Heres my advice to you: Do what you’ve always wanted to do. Stop pretending you are anything other than what you are. What I know for sure is that I feel most alive when moving with others. I truly believe my purpose is to share passion for fitness and build community through movement. My ACE certification opened the door for me to realize this dream and so much more. Whats your calling? Are you going after it?  “

Are you interested in pursuing a career in fitness? Check out the AMERICAN COUNCIL OF EXERCISE’s online resources for aspiring health professionals. The “get certified” section has everything needed to get started pursing a career in wellness work.

Want to design a career you love but just not sure what that IS yet? Check out lululemon athletica’s online goal setting guide.  This will help you  create a vision for your ideal life and set personal, health and career goals to achieve those goals.


One thing I know for sure…. I am not in fitness for the workout. Im in it for the PEOPLE. I want to take a moment to THANK YOU for making my career meaningful. You bring JOY into every work day and I want you to know how grateful I am to have you as part of my life. Heres to another year of fitness, community, and accomplishing ALL of our dreams. I look forward to seeing YOU shine!

With gratitude,


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