Low Impact Strength Training Workout.Total Body No Equipment!

low impact strength training workout

Get ready for a low-impact strength training workout that’s perfect for beginners, recovering from injury, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, sleeping babies, knee or joint pain, weight loss, or any other reason you may need to decrease impact. 

If you’ve tried my other low impact at home workouts, then you know my low-impact workouts are challenging. Low-impact workouts are great for beginners, anyone struggling with knee or joint pain, anyone recovering from an injury, pre or post-pregnancy mammas looking to get back into their workout routine, or anyone looking to sneak in a ‘quite workout’ during stay at home quarantine.

This low impact strength training workout combines total body exercises for a quick effective at home fitness fix. Alternate this video with my other at home strength workouts 3-5 times a week for best results (Click here to view ALL my video playlists). Remember: the body was MADE TO MOVE. Don’t wait till the weekend to get your sweat sessions in. Fit in short, effective routines throughout your busy work week to give your body the movement medicine it needs to stay mobile, pain free, and healthy for life. I’ve got SO many videos for you to choose from, no excuses! MOVE YOUR BODY DAILY. Lets get started!

*Remember to be sure to get your doctor and/or physical therapists’ clearance first before trying this or any exercise routine. Always to listen to your body during the workout and modify or skip any movements that don’t work for you.*

Low Impact Strength Training Workout. Total Body At Home NO equipment Video

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Remember no matter what, every day life gives you a chance to kick butt. Love sweating with you, keep up the good work!

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