Reader Requests: How to prevent eating from STRESS!

Fearless Fitness Client READER REQUEST POST!

Q: When work gets really busy, I eat out of stress. Overeating, unhealthy meal choices, snacking….  I need support and help with this…. got any tips?

A: First of all be proud of yourself for asking for help – that is the hardest part! Overeating usually happens as a reaction to stress. When people get super busy they often feel as if they need to eat quickly – and dont take time to think about it. Before they know it they are halfway done with their meal and haven’t mentally been “there” for it. That or they forget to eat because they are too busy, end up FAMISHED and looking for anything to solve their starving hunger pains. They are desperate for food – and anything (healthy or not) will do. Shoveling food down so fast and feeling guilty about it afterward sucks – for your mental and physical health. Here are a few things that might help:

1. Before you decide on what to eat: STOP . Take a few minutes to sit and breathe. (seriously sounds silly – but it works!) Remember your nutrition and health goals. Write them down on paper if you need to. Think about what you are going to eat and why you want it.

2. PLAN AHEAD and EAT regular meals. This will prevent you from getting too hungry and becoming DESPERATE for food. Make a few minutes throughout the day to nourish yourself. Bring snacks and meals with you to work or have healthy restaurants on your speed dial list. By planning your daily menu ahead of time you wont be tempted to “take whatever you can get” when stress hits you.

3. Dont keep junk food around. When its not in your work/living space you wont be tempted to reach for it when stressed. And if you are busy you wont have time to go out and get it!

4. Brush your teeth after a satisfying meal. Not only will you have clean teeth – but your minty mouth will help keep you from reaching for after meal munchies when you are already full.

Remember, stress eating not a force beyond your control – just a dirty habit you need to let go.  You are in charge of your actions. Take control and stop stress from eating you into a unhealthy hole. With a little thinking and planning ahead – you can eat to relieve your stress and nourish your health and fitness. Hope this helps… remember you can always call me next time you are tempted to eat out of stress! 🙂

What about you FF readers? Any tips that help you eat well when work overwhelms you?

Here’s to breathing (and eating) easy!


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