Sunshine In the STORM. Easy ways to Brighten Up Your Attitude on ANY stormy day.

“The Sky is falling the Sky is falling!”

You’re having one of those days where nothing is going right — you’re late for work, your computer crashed, you spilled coffee on your brand-new shirt, and its RAINING. By the end of the day, you find yourself collapsed and zombie-like  asking “Where is my life going? Where did I go wrong?”. The events of the day have left you defeated and in need of an attitude adjustment. Indeed, a shift in your perspective at some point during the day could have turned things around. What should you do next time a stormy day messes with your emotions and attitude? Shower yourself with small things that improve your well-being and shift your mindset to a positive one. Sprinkled in throughout even the darkest day, the simple tasks listed below can help bring rainbows out of the rain.

Caroline’s Attitude Adjustment. Easy Ways To Brighten Your Attitude on Rainy Days. 

    • Take a Friend to Lunch/Coffee: Invite a positive, supportive friend out for a quick bite. You’ll get to visit and talking to someone will likely boost your spirits.
    • Listen to Your Favorite Song: Carry your ipod/ iphone with you and listen to your favorite tunes when you feel upset or overwhelmed . A study in the journal Anesthesia & Analgesia found that music decreased anxiety experienced by patients before surgery. Have a playlist created and on hand just for stormy days. Pack it full of “feel good” songs that never fail to pick you up and make you smile. Try out my guilty pleasure party playlist for ideas on songs you cant help but smile to.
    • Compliment Others: There is nothing more uplifting than making someone else’s day. Give a genuine compliment to someone to change your focus to things other than your problems. Making someone else feel good will leave you joyful and give you positive feelings that can turn your attitude around.
    • Take Ten: STOP and take 10 minutes. Reconnect with yourself, take a few DEEP breaths, and calm down from the events of the day. We live in a fast-paced culture where we move at warp speed with ridiculous to-do lists. If we take time to be quiet, we can get in touch with our values, priorities, and set positive intentions for ourselves. By taking this time, you’ll be able to bring your mind to a balanced, positive state and make rational decisions to move forward with your day.
    • Count Your Blessings: A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that individuals with a more grateful outlook on life exhibited a heightened state of well being. According to the study, “research has shown that gratitude is linked with positive emotions including contentment, happiness, and hope.” At some point during the day, make a simple list of five or ten things that you are grateful for in your life. We have talked about the power of keeping a gratitude journal in this space before. It’s amazing how simply taking the time to count your blessings goes FAR in helping you with a positive attitude.
    • Shake It Off: Did someone else’s words or actions contribute to your sour attitude? Try not to take things personally.  Instead, develop the habit of looking at other people’s actions as just the way they are and less of a personal statement about you. Keep in mind that you can’t control another person’s actions, but you CAN control your reactions. Dont give others actions a second thought and focus all your energy towards living your best.
    • Just Say Om: Cultivate your spiritual side. This could mean checking out a meditation class (often yoga studios are a good source), exploring the local religious centers in your neighborhood or asking a friend to recommend a good spiritual book.  Studies show that those who develop their own spirituality and their own belief system will live longer and more satisfying lives. Simply practicing the beliefs that you have through meditation or organized worship can be very helpful for developing a positive attitude. After all, trust gives way to a better attitude and mood, whether that trust is in a higher power or yourself! Good places to connect you to your spirit:, Hay House Radio, Live FEARLESS and Free by Terri Cole, and the DAILY LOVE .
    • Work It Out. Im positive the endorphins created from exercise can help make any bad day disappear. Nothing cheers you up more than an endorphin rush. Get your gear on and GO out for a run or sweat session. Better yet, go to a class and let a group energy take your mind off the events of the day. The hardest step is the first one out the door, you’ll come back from your workout smiling and brand new.
    • Get Inspired. Is there a teacher, book, song, or photo that moves you at a deeper level? Next time your attitude is feeling funky, connect to the people and things that inspire you most. When Im out of sorts, a class with Stephanie Snyder Yoga, article from Oprah, or talk from TED turns my entire day around for good. Make the effort to connect to the things that make your heart sing and lift your spirits UP from the storm.
    • When All Else Fails…. Dance Like a MANIAC. Shimmy, shake, and FLASHDANCE your attitude to a whole new place. With moves like these,  I guarantee you’ll end up smiling 🙂


What is your number ONE tip for funky day attitude adjustment? Leave your suggestion as a comment below – together we can inspire each other to work towards a happier attitude no matter what the weather 🙂

Looks like rain for the next couple days…. will you be smiling?

With Gratitude,


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