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Stop Stomach Bloating. Beat Stomach Bloat and Keep Your Tummy Feeling Tight!

Do you have a bloated stomach? Stop stomach bloating with these helpful wellness tips to help keep your abs feeling tight! Having tummy trouble? Headed to an event this weekend and want your abs to look and feel their best? Stomach bloating is something I get asked a lot about as a health and wellness …

July 19, 2013
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Summer Six Pack Secrets. My no nonsense tips to feeling strong in your swimsuit!

Its almost summer. So naturally many people come to the gym with one thing on their brain: a swimsuit. And as nice as it’d be if everyone worked out for the health benefits, lets be honest… all that hard work is partially for looks.  It also doesn’t help that our image obsessed culture can persuade …

May 20, 2012
Caroline Jordan, Fitness, Fitness Tips, Workout Videos, Workouts
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