TWO YEARS LATER… Balanced Body Breakthrough “Shelfies” From All Over.

It’s been two years since I published a book. TWO YEARS! Crazy how fast time passes. One of the best parts of publishing a book is sharing the finished product with my community. It makes my DAY when I see a book “shelfie” on instagram or hear a review on amazon. 

Seeing photos of people smiling with books, feels like I’m spending time with them, saying hello in rainbow tye-dye pants, and sitting down to share a good talk about happiness. Here are a few favorite Balanced Body Breakthrough “shelfie” reader posts that have made my heart smile over the past two years…


The amazing man who makes my hair SHINE. Thanks for my healthy hair glow Wes Pine Salon! 


“A balanced life is about maintaining balance. Congratulations on your Balanced Body Breakthrough Book publication, Caroline Jordan Fitness!” Hal Rosenberg, DC, CCSP, Sports Chiropractic


“Look what I got in my mailbox! My Caroline Jordan‘s new book!! So proud of you and can’t wait to read it (not while doing burpees)!!!” Shamaymay May


“Balanced Body Breakthrough goes on the Dr. Burchett show!” Larry Burchett, M.D. 


“No better way to wait in line to change my name than with Caroline Jordan‘s new book!” – Michelle Olson 


An evening of happy, healthy reading came in the mail today! Congrats Caroline Jordan!” Michael Stricklan


“Look what was waiting for me in today’s mail! My copy of Caroline Jordan‘s new book! So excited! Thanks Caroline – looking forward to seeing you at the book signing!?” Lisa DeGisi


I received Caroline Jordans brand new book today in the mail, and I look forward to learning from an old student of mine. Many congratulations Caroline!” Jeremy Borum 


“Can’t wait to start reading!! I’m so proud of you,Caroline Jordan! I remember our training sessions and how they were just as much about getting my mind right as my body.” – Coral Taylor


Can’t think of a better place to dive into fellow Aggie Caroline Jordan‘s new book!! — at Neuvo Vallarta.” Diana Garrett


So proud of @carolinejordanfitness ? I can’t wait to dig into her new book tonight! A must read for anyone balancing work, family and friends, and staying healthy. Love you girl! ❤” – Michelle McGovern

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Ben Ratcliff flexing his reading muscles. 


“Nothing like a good book when you have to escape#hurricanematthew!! So proud of you Caroline ❤️” – Sam Stawicki 


“Yay it arrived!!! Cannot wait to read this ~ so proud of you Caroline Jordan!!! ??❤” – Sarah Kaney


“When one of our ambassadors publishes a book, we get pretty excited to share. Caroline Jordan Fitness, here’s a shameless “shelfie” from lululemon athletica Grant Avenue. Join us for her official book launch 10/18 Equinox Sports Club San Francisco, and click here for more:” lululemon athletica Grant Avenue

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“CAROLINE!!!:) Finally I got your masterpiece.🙂 I’m so proud of you and I’m looking forward to read it. THANK YOU! ? Love you! ? ? ? from Freiburg” – Anna Kemph


“Baby Leonardo can’t wait for Mama to read Caroline Jordans new book. Friends who sweat together stay together (since second grade)!” Francesca Gazzaniga



“I got my book today Caroline Jordan can’t wait to dig in!! I’m SO proud of you girl!!!!!” Mary Catherine Whitlock of Crunchy Crusader (paleo inspired family friendly EASY recipes and wellness tips. Check out her delicious work here!)


“I look up to you! Hahaha . It’s your birthday and I’m the one receiving surprises in the mail! What a world! I hope you had a wonderful day and an even better birthday week. I’m looking forward to the next run- in I have with you. ??” – Yoshi Akana


“Because sometimes… One is not enough. I am so proud of this incredible woman @carolinejordan. It was an honor to be a part of this process, and to see all your hard work pay off. I couldn’t be more happy for you. congrats on this monumental achievement!!!” – Jessica Wolfrom 

I hope you enjoyed these fun photos as much as I did. Do you have a copy of Balanced Body Breakthrough?! Please feel free to share your book “shelfie” with me and join in our global book party! You can tag me on Facebook, twitter, or instagram 🙂 And if you feel so inclined and would be so kind to leave your review of the book on Amazon, I’d greatly appreciate it! . 

All of these posts have reminded me how connected we are and that no matter where life takes you, you always have a friend here. I hope you enjoy the book and it helps you live a life filled with wellness.

Thank you for being a part of my world and a part of my heart. I hope to continue to support you in living a life you love. 

In gratitude,


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