Would you lend a word and be a part of my book?

Friends and family,

Thanks to your support, my book “Balanced Body Breakthrough” has reached its funding goal and will be a PUBLISHED book in the world! The production process has started and Im working with the Inkshares publishing team to move forward. Its exciting and so fun! There are a lot of materials to pull together to submit: the dedication, the forward, the front matter, afterword, etc. One piece is the “Praise for the Author”: testimonials of reader experience with me and my work over the years. I have one small favor to ask from you, would you be open to sharing your words, stories, or testimonials about me as a coach and wellness professional for my book “Balanced Body Breakthrough”?

Where are you on your healthy life journey? Have I helped you along the way?  I am hoping to submit the “Praise for the Author” piece of the book by February 26th, 2016. If you’d be so kind to lend a few words on your experience with my work or coaching as a testimonial for my book “Balanced Body Breakthrough” it would mean the world. Email your “praise for the author” note to : carolinejordanfitness@gmail.com . Thank you for your continued encouragement and support in writing this book. I couldn’t do it without you. 

I aspire to be the coach that adds more value to your world by giving you tools that you can immediately use to improve your wellness and life. I work to help you dream big and back it up with daily actions to create measurable results. I want to help you stay positive, grounded, and feel good from the inside out. I am here to help you realize your greatest potential and fulfill your vision of living well.

Thank you for being a part of my community online and off. You are the reason I love my work and I hope to help you live a life you love through it.

You can continue to support the Balanced Body Breakthrough book, order copies, follow the production process, and check out updates on the project at: https://www.inkshares.com/books/balanced-body-breakthrough . Heres to the next steps, seeing this book come to life, and watching the positive effects come from it.

With a heart full of gratitude,


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