A Change For Caroline.

Change is inevitable. Uncomfortable. Invigorating. Intimidating. Exciting. Necessary. Scary. Refreshing. Change is not always pleasant, but change is the only constant. Only when we change and grow, we’ll see a world we never know.

2012 has been a year of change for me. I have been tenaciously working towards my goals and everyday move closer in making my dreams a reality. It has been an exciting year full of growing and I look forward to what the future will bring. What I know for sure is that every change, no matter how challenging, works out to be rewarding in the end. And in my opinion, if it’s not rewarding…. well then it’s not the end.

This Tuesday will be my last night teaching at Club One Fitness Citigroup Center. The last 4 years have been wonderful and I’ve enjoyed every moment in working for a great company and connecting with incredible members. I will always champion and love the people I met through the club.  But it has come time in my life to create the space needed to grow my business into what I’d like it to become. To make some changes in the name of personal and professional growth. To live a fearless life so that I can inspire you in yours.

I’d like to thank you for being a loving community of support as I make this transition and continue to move forward towards my personal vision. Has 2012 brought any changes into your life? How can I support you in bravely moving forward? I’m here for you.


With love,


I’d like to leave you with this simple and effective stretching video. Hopefully it will help you make a transition from a challenging place to a relaxing state of peace. It is a quick six minutes of solitude and rejuvenating flexibility work. Enjoy. Leave me a comment below and let me know if it helps ease you transition down from your day 🙂

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