The ONE thing you need to succeed as a strong runner?! A well designed, high quality, and perfectly fit shoe.

Running is an amazing way to stay in shape, beat stress, and sport some saucy spandex. Unfortunately it is also a high impact sport, causing your body to absorb a shock 5 times your body weight….. EVERY time your foot hits the ground. Luckily, running shoes are specially designed to be flexible, lightweight, and cushioning to help protect from the sad side effects of the sport.

Everyone runs in a different stride and has a foot size that can vary from narrow to wide. There is no “perfect” shoe…. but if you spend a little time investigating your running style, you’ll find a fit to keep you smiling mile after mile.

And that’s where Fleet Feet comes in. The store prides itself on  providing the quality shoes that prevent injury and improve performance. Their knowledgeable staff will carefully examine your body mechanics and help you choose from countless cushioning, support, and and stability options.  After their thorough and skillful service,  you’ll easily be able make an informed purchase.

And yes, it is expensive….. but a trip to the doctor/physical therapist costs more money… and a LOT more pain. Make the investment in quality and keep your body feeling as good as it looks.

The sales people here aren’t simply staff – they are REAL runners with REAL experience and wisdom to share. They know their stuff…..

they’ve been there…… and run it.

Here, these role model runners go out of their way to ensure your shoes make you want to run every day. They treat customer service the way they treat their favorite sport – with great care and appreciation. Visiting with them is always a running inspiration!

Whether you run for recreation or to race, Fleet Feet will help you enjoy the sport with a smile on your face 🙂

Loving my latest pair: Mizuno Wave Nexus 4 . Happiness! THANKS FLEET FEET – YOU ARE THE BEST!


Check them out in San Francisco: 2076 Chestnut Street (between Mallorca Way & Steiner St)

Or Find them On their Website:

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