Been a good girl this year? Ask Santa for something Silver!

Silver Luon and POWER purple wunder unders! MERRY CHRISTMAS CLOTHES!

This holiday, the designers at lululemon have been busy little elves…. and have created a product that is ROCKING the spandex shelves. Celebrate the season with the latest gift from lululemon, SILVERESCENT luon. This Anti-Stink product is bonded with silver yarns that inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria –  to make SURE  your gear always stays fresh and STINK FREE. With a FOUR WAY stretch and form fitting styles that flatter any figure – this product is SIMPLY FABULOUS.  Go in and try it for yourself at my favorite store in the world, lululemon athletica GRANT AVENUE!

Aaaaannnnddd DONT miss out on the lululemon COLOR of the Season…. POWER PURPLE!

My new purple pants = HAPPINESS 🙂

REVERSIBLE?!?! Two pants for the price of ONE? Yes please santa baby!

See you in the STORE lovers!

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