Best Of the Bay: Lyon Street Steps!

Lyon Street Steps: BRING IT!


Winter Workout boredom making you want to throw in the towel?

Stop counting minutes and start counting stairs !!

Stair running is an intense, high impact cardiovascular workout guaranteed to work you into shape. Just 30 minutes on the stairs should be plenty to get you sweating. And in San Francisco you have the opportunity to stair climb through the best possible scenery, allowing for an amazing mental and physical workout. The Lyon Street Steps are the perfect place to start – the  stair series will help you become a serious stepper in no time! Here’s to getting your rear into gear!

A few things to keep in mind before you start sweating……

**Make sure to WARM UP with some light jogging, quadricep/calf stretches, and a few flights of stairs at an easy pace.

**Bring water – stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout.

**Always wear good running shoes – stair running can be really hard on your joints and you’ll want to keep your knees/ankles/hips happy.

**Make sure to watch your foot/knee alignment as you step, placing the full foot on the step and keeping the knees behind toes.

**End your workout with a solid cooldown that includes walking, hamstring, quadriceps, and calf stretches.

Ready to get started?! Below is my favorite Lyon Street workout…. let me know if you try it! And as always, honor your injuries and needs. If you’re injured or feel pain (as opposed to workout intensity), don’t do it! Double-check with a trainer for proper form on exercises and with a doc if you’re beginning a new fitness program

Caroline’s favorite Lyon Street Step Workout:

  • Begin with a light jog down Van Ness to warm up.
  • Turn left onto Green Street.
  • Charge up the hills of Pacific Heights and wave at the mansion millionaires as you speed by.
  • Turn Left on Lyon Street and UP you GO! Take each one solo or stride up multiple. PUMP your arms and make each step POWERFUL.
  • Stop and Swivel and the top. Take a few refreshing breaths and ENJOY the view – you deserve it!
  • Then its back down you go – the steps are STEEP….be careful!
  • Loop back around and up the steps. Or jog down Lyon Street to visit Chrissy Field, the Bridge, or the pretty palace.
  • Take an easy jog/run through Pacific Heights and back up Van Ness. Shake it out, stretch, and “WA-LA!” – you’re finished!

Grab a friend and take a step in a new direction. This winter,  I challenge you to rediscover the fun in fitness with this scenic San Francisco stair workout.  Get outside, enjoy the BEAUTIFUL city, and sweat – I guarantee your body and mind will THANK YOU you for it!

Lyon Street Steps: BRING IT!

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