To my fearless running family….

For those of you that come to class or work with me, you know I’m constantly talking about how much I LOVE running. Recently I was introduced to a well-known running fitness author, Heather Ebright. Heather is considered to be one of the most knowledgeable running experts in the industry and I was extremely impressed with her. Her book, “Pilates for Runners” is a powerful read that really helped me understand the exercises and techniques I’ll need to stay injury free and enjoy running.

Because so many of you have asked about the book, I thought I’d share a little more information about it on the blog.There is a LOT of mis-information out there and it can be confusing for any runner. If you want “The TRUTH” when it comes to running injuries…no fads, no gimmicks, no fancy equipment…this information is definitely for you.

Some of the topics that Heather demystifies regarding running training:

*What exactly running is when broken down to fundamental parts…and why injuries occur among new and expert runners alike.

*The dangers of relying just on running for your training – it’s one of the WORST mistakes you can make, but there is an “other training method” that will keep you injury-free.

*What muscle imbalances inevitably occur when you run and how you can identify your own specific weaknesses.

*Which muscles get short and tight and which muscles get long and weakened among runners.

*What pattern of motions do to your body and why stability is so important.

*The honest truth about leg muscles and why they’re only one part of the answer.

*What simple hip and butt muscle exercises are the key to injury-free running (I was surprised by many of them! Not what you’d think – crazy 🙂

*Everything you need to know about muscular alignment, core stability, and footing!

Im always reading health and fitness books, magazines, and continuing education information. In my opinion, Heather’s book is the best out there – it shares new, relevant, and powerful information for ANY runner. Check out her book on the STRONG RUNNING website and let me know what you think of it! It was an early Christmas present for me…. and now Im looking forward to a New Year full of strong, injury free, RUNNING!

See you on the pavement soon!


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