The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen, nor touched…. but are felt with the heart.  The view from the top of Half Dome. Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge. Watching the San Francisco Giant’s win the World Series. I can give you information on the studio, but you will need to go to truly understand it’s power.

Urban Flow Yoga Studio has been on my ” San Francisco Fitness Bucket List” since it opened last January. I FINALLY had the chance to make it to the space and was BLOWN away by my experience. Words could never describe what a class at Urban Flow is like – but I found that 90 minutes so moving I had to write to reflect on it. If there was a way to capture LOVE, bottle it up, and keep it – then Urban Flow would be IT. The studio is saturated with a love that can only be felt – and is cherished by all that come to roll around in it.

Warm colors, bright windows, and polished floors create a beautiful space in this Mission Street studio that instantly feels sacred. Friendliness fills the air: ALL ages and abilities are welcome here. The style of yoga practiced is Bahkti Flow, the yoga of love and devotion to the God of one’s own unique understanding. There’s no dogma involved; if you have devotion in your life, you know where to put your attention, whether it’s to a God, person, nature or anything else. The yoga classes are taught as vinyasa,  a flowing sequence of  poses that take practitioners deeper into the practice with time. Urban Flow’s classes emphasize the importance of dedicating the practice to others and welcoming love into the world. And that includes bringing love in with song and CHANTING. A huge highlight at Urban Flow – the chanting adds a special touch to each practice and makes it extremely powerful.  Invocations create a strong beat that leads the crowd in a vibrant harmony …. it really is a sight to be seen.

All of the instructors at Urban Flow are so talented and incredible its impossible not to fall in love with each one of them. From Pradeep Teotia and Austin Efurd, to Estee Fletter and Jennifer Jarrett – you are always guaranteed to enjoy your practice. But first you really must meet the father to them all,  owner and yoga guru, Rusty Wells.  The man GLOWS with life. He embodies so much happiness, peace, and contentment it is contagious. His strong voice sings yogis through each pose with a lighthearted approach that makes each moment more loveable than the last. Rusty’s classes are challenging, empowering, inspiring, and have been known to be life changing.

The studio operates on a donation based business. There are mats and towels available for a small fee and TONS of space to store your things and change.  Everything about this yoga haven is perfect.  When you go to Urban Flow you will fall in love and learn how to love with every breath.

Check  out Urban Flow on their website or watch this inspiring video:





  • By ptjess - Reply

    I feel the same about urban yoga. Super inspirational spot. I still need to do a class with Rusty. I miss susans 7 am class.

    • By carichic - Reply

      Thank you for reading 🙂 Urban flow is amazing…. hope to see you in Rusty’s class soon! 🙂

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