Mom with her two kids: Caroline and Tim!

In honor of mothers day, I would like to take this time to share my story, and to THANK the first and most important teacher I’ve ever had, my mother.
Story First Published In IDEA Health and Fitness May Newsletter 2009, “Mother Daughter Teaching Teams”.

“The sound of a 36 count cues me to wake up. It’s 5:30 in the morning and time for my mother’s step class. Quickly I dress to meet her in the kitchen as she finishes her coffee and carefully reviews her choreography. We have rehearsed the routine before and I get to demonstrate the advanced options during the class. Together we head out into the early morning for another energetic workout and the start of a great day.

Fitness has always been a part of my life. My mother was an aerobics instructor back in the colorful days of leotards and legwarmers. Together we attended pre/post natal fitness classes, mother-daughter workouts, dance lessons, and fitness conventions. Each workout nurtured my excitement and passion for group fitness.

I was 15 when I told my mother my future was in fitness. I wanted to be a successful group exercise instructor. Any mother would be concerned, as fitness wasn’t an acceptable or profitable career path at the time. Through my strong will and commitment, I continued to pursue my dream with a determination to be successful at what I loved. My mother did what any loving mom would do: support me in my goals and help me every step class of the way.

Ten years later I find myself happily working as a full time fitness professional. Everyday I am grateful that I find passion and purpose in my work. My mother’s powerful and positive influence has enabled me to create a career from something I love. Her lessons brought me more than simple choreography ideas, but the skills needed to succeed as an instructor and an adult. The most important thing she taught me? That group fitness is not just about exercise, but about creating an experience that brings joy to people’s lives. The spirit and enthusiasm that she has for fitness continues to inspire me today. Thanks mom for making a difference in my world, so that I can make a difference in others.”

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CELEBRATE Your MOM today and EVERYDAY! Build a stronger relationship with your mom by sharing a workout or activity you LOVE. If you cant physically be together today, go for a walk or dedicate your yoga practice to the mother in your life. The family that sweats together stays together (physically or in spirit) Spend quality time together, be active, and live long, healthy lives! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

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