Reader’s Request: Nature’s Sports Drink!


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Reader’s Request: Nature’s Sports Drink!

Q: Why is coconut water called a sports drink? Is it really an effective way to hydrate after a workout? What makes it different than water or other sports drinks and more importantly is it really worth the 2 bucks?

A. Awesome question! Coconut water has become a popular after workout choice to re-hydrate. My favorite brand is Amy and Brian’s and can be found at Whole Foods, Walgreens, and other supermarkets. Thanks to Amy and Brian’s company website, I was able to get the inside scoop on WHY coconut juice is  the perfect ALL NATURAL sports drink.

Coconut juice is an isotonic beverage. That means that its salt concentration matches that of the human
body, thus enabling fluid and mineral replacement after physical activity.  In fact, because it’s so chemically analagous to human plasma, coconut water has even been used by some third world countries to save lives through coconut IVs. This fluid can act as both a blood purifier and catalyst in the drug absorbtion process, which explains why Chief of the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Agricultural Industries Morton Satin calls
coconut water, “the fluid of life.”

A recent scientific study conducted at the medical school of a major university in Malaysia demonstrated
that coconut juice is as effective as sports drinks (carbohydrate‐electrolyte beverages) as a rehydrator, without the added sugar, additives, artificial flavorings and chemical colorings commonly found in those beverages (have you LOOKED at the ingredients in some of those “sports drinks”?).   Coconut Juice is all natural and nature’s most highly concentrated source of electrolytes.

The other nutritional benefits of coconut juice are delicious. It has more potassium per equivalent serving
than a banana. It is lower in calories than any popularly consumed fruit juice including grapefruit juice
(76 per eight ounce serving), and has 10% of the sodium found in tomato juice. Coconut juice, unlike
other tropical juices, is alkaline so it doesn’t upset the stomach. Coconut juice is low in natural sugars,
containing about half of that found in orange juice and less than a third of grape and pineapple juices.  Coconut water  also has potent antibacterial and antifungal qualities due to its high lauric acid content. This tropical treat is known to boost metabolism and revitalize skin, hair, and immunity.

There’s SOOOO much good stuff in coconut water – I think it is ABSOLUTELY WORTH the 2 bucks. Hope I was able to answer your question on using COCONUT water as a way to hydrate throughout your day.

Do YOU use coconut water? What is YOUR favorite brand? Have you noticed any health benefits since adding it to your diet? I love Amy and Brian’s but Im always open to trying new things! CHEERS to you and enjoy your coconut water!

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  1. Caroline, as usual, is right. Coconut Water Works. Seriously.
    Okay it’s a bit of an acquired taste — the first time you drink it you won’t love it. But it grows on you.
    After trying them all, I like Zico, Pomberry flavor. I get it at Amazon where I set up a once a month delivery of a case of the stuff, at a very reasonable price.
    What did it do for me? Well, apart from the perceived reduction in recovery time from workouts, what I am certain of is that it has stopped me from getting migraine headaches. I’ve tried just about every other migraine treatment over the course of the last 25 years and nothing has consistently worked. I’ve now been drinking one of these a day for the last 8 months and have had about 2 migraines total, which is at least 75% less than I’ve had in the past. End of story. I don’t usually proselytize sports drinks, but when i saw the post i had to chime in on this one!

    1. STEVE!!

      Thank you for your valuable feedback and thoughts – its great to hear you have had so many positive benefits from coconut water. I think they have helped my migranes as well…. and I LOVE using a can after a long run to re-hydrate. It does really work – amazing! Ill have to look into that Amazon delivery service – sounds like the best way to get my coconut water fix 🙂

      Thanks again for the comment!

  2. Interesting notes on the headached connection. I am no doctor, but I did some internet research and found this website, which has a theory about the acid-alkaline connection to migraines: basically, an acid imbalance causes the body to compensate by releasing alkaloids from the cells, including magnesium. A magnesium deficiency causes an increase in blood pressure & dilation of blood vessels = headache. I had read about the connection between magnesium and headaches before. I added a supplement and found a general decrease in my headaches as well as a feeling of faster recovery from hard workouts. Coconut water is a magnesium rich, alkaline food, so perhaps that’s where the connection lies! I’m still having trouble getting over the taste of coconut water…waiting for it to grow on me!

    1. Ooooo thats good feedback Ellinor! I have noticed my migranes havent been an issue lately…. maybe its because I am drinking coconut water daily! Im bringing more to class this week…. hopefully youll get a chance to give it another taste! Amy and Brians grows on you 🙂

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