“Change the Way You See, NOT the way you look.” Stop the trash talk Challenge!

Change the way you SEE, not the way you LOOK.

Caroline Jordan Fitness Schedule and Special Events June 12-18:

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Monday 6/13: 5:30pm Competition Core and 6-645pm Chisel’d, *** NEW CLASS 6:50-7:15pm VIPER EQUINOX

Tuesday 6/14:  12:30pm Cycling EQUINOX, 5pm Ball, 5:30pm BOSU, 6 pm Spin Circuit, and 7pm Sports Stretch Club One Citigroup

Wednesday 6/15: *** NEW CLASS 5:30-6:00pm VIPER, 6-630pm Chisel’d, 630-7pm Core Strength and Stretch EQUINOX

Thursday 6/16: 12:30pm Cycling EQUINOX .

Friday 6/17: 12pm Abs and 12:30pm Cycling EQUINOX . 

Saturday 6/18: 10am Chisel’d and 11am Cycling EQUINOX .

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Fearless Fitness Tip Of the Week: Trash Talk.


Does it ever feel like some years are the time EVERYONE you know is getting married? Well this is one of those seasons for me, and I have been training several clients for upcoming weddings. Its such a gift to be able to take part in the process of preparing for the big day. Unfortunately the exciting event can be clouded over by anxiety and worries over being “perfect”. And this tends to show in negative thoughts and body trash talk. Crash diets, excessive workouts, and other extremes start to look tempting when they worry about fitting into their dress come wedding day. So thats why Im there…. to keep their head screwed on straight and to keep their body (and fiance) from going crazy.

It’s hard to see clients “sweat the small stuff” during a unique and special time in their lives. So I work with them constantly to SHIFT their thinking to be the fit and happy Bride they hope to be come wedding day. But upcoming wedding or not, we all fall victim to negative body “trash talk”. And it hurts our health more than anything else. What I always say to my clients is,”how can you expect your body to heal when it’s constantly being yelled at?” You can’t beat yourself up and then expect to look good. It just doesn’t work that way.

See if you recognize any of these examples: “I ate way too much. No dinner for me” or “She’s lost weight. I wonder how she did it” or “He’s gained weight. He looks awful” or “I’d do anything to have thinner thighs” or “I wish I had my sister/friend/mothers body” or “If I lost 10 pounds Id be perfect. Id be happy if I was thinner”.

You can engage in fat talk without saying a word – you might sigh as you look at yourself in the mirror or roll your eyes at a friend when an overweight woman in a swimsuit walks by. You may be wondering why this fat talk business is a big deal. You might comment that it is the way you connect with your mom or your daughter or your close friends. Or it’s what you and your co workers talk about over lunch.

This type of TRASH Talk triggers unhealthy behaviors, whether the comments are consciously processed or not, putting yourself down verbally creates reverse inertia in all aspects of your life. Instead of inspiring you to get healthier, these negative thoughts will motivate you to overeat, skip your workouts, or stay involved in toxic relationships. Additionally, even if you don’t hear your own trash talk, your friends and family will, and it harms them emotionally, spiritually and physically as well.

Trash talk is a coping mechanism. Our society places pressure on us to look a certain way, and when we don’t, we often react by shaming ourselves with negative thoughts. The behavior is an unhealthy and unproductive form of venting. Through trash talk, we can express our fears or insecurities, and other people usually accept this – which reinforces the behavior and encourages it to happen more.

Well its time to CHANGE that. I want you to take the NO TRASH TALK challenge this week and here’s why:

  • Being critical of yourself or others will not inspire positive change.
  • Fat talk encourages us to focus on a person’s appearance, rather than their internal attributes.
  • Fat talk depletes our self-confidence and the self-esteem of others.
  • Fat talk teaches/influences our kids, loved ones, and peers to think negatively about their bodies.
  • Fat talk is a waste of energy that could be used in SO many wonderfully creative ways.

Your health starts from the inside out. And you wont achieve ultimate wellness without a positive thought process. It’s amazing to see the transformation with clients when they make the shift and start treating themselves well with positive thoughts. They reach their weight or fitness goals, and their new health brings more happiness into their lives. They smile more, worry less, and their health comes from the inside out. (And yes, they do “GLOW” on their wedding day and every day after making the “shift” to a positive thought process 😉

Fearless Fitness Challenge of the Week: Take OUT the Trash! 

I challenge you to bring awareness to your body talk. Do your thoughts lift you up or beat you down? Do they sting or support you? Can you choose a positive over a negative thought instead? When you are tempted to criticize, critique, or compare – STOP yourself. Change your thought and replace it with a positive one instead. Focus on something you are proud of, like how strong your legs feel running 4 miles or how much you love yoga arm balances. Your mind might resist you at first – and will try to keep feeding you negative thoughts. SO PRACTICE. Build a strong resistance to negative body image thinking. Don’t tolerate trash talk in your life. Your body and health will thank you for it.

Making this mental shift is not a quick easy fix. It takes constant work and awareness. But it is WORTH it. When you stop beating yourself up, your body will show it. You will glow from the inside out. And believe it or not, you might just be able to find the healthy weight, active lifestyle, and wellness that’s been waiting for you.

Whats your favorite way to keep trash talk at bay? Are you great at positive self talk? How do you give your self positive pep talks? Share your favorite tip below for BOOSTING your positive self talk and “taking out the trash” – help motivate someone else to be positive! 

I’m here to support you in finding your STRONGEST self – inside and out. Hope to see you in class this week for some VIPER training and other great workouts!


Special thanks to lululemon athletica Grant Avenue for helping with the above photos! LOVE YOU GRANT AVE!

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2 Replies to ““Change the Way You See, NOT the way you look.” Stop the trash talk Challenge!”

  1. Caroline, this is beautiful! Thank you for being such a dynamic positive force in this world. I appreciate your thoughts and know that we trash talk ourselves all too often, but mindfulness and choosing negative over positive is the key to cultivating happiness and peace. You brightened my day- I’ll pay it forward! 🙂 peace, love & muchos blessings to you girl! ~Mela

  2. You are amazing and inspiring!! I have definitely fallen victim to this unfortunately.. and it stops now! Thanks Caroline, I can always count on you to put a smile face 🙂

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