Strategies to help BOOST your confidence, SILENCE your inner critic, and live your healthiest life.

I have to say I am BLOWN away by the feedback from this week’s update. I am so glad you all enjoyed the Trash Talk post…. I hope it inspires you to be nice to yourself and take PRIDE in all of your fitness accomplishments. That being said…. how ARE you doing with the weekly “TRASH TALK” challenge? I thought I’d post some strategies and tips to help you boost your positive self-talk and silence your inner critic. This is the first of three strategies to help you… check back into the blog later this week for the other two!  Hope these help you feel good INSIDE and out – enjoy!

Strategy #1: Channel your Emotions

How you feel about your body impacts your goals, according to a new study from McGill University. Researchers asked subjects to measure emotions like pride, shame, and guilt as they relate to body image. They found those with higher levels of pride in a strong, fit, body had more motivation and were more likely to workout. Bottom line? The prouder you are of your FIT body, the more active you’ll be. Your emotions are linked to your motivation and your motivation is linked to behavior. It’s a cyclical relationship. You can use your emotions to fuel your fitness with these simple techniques:

AFFIRM your pride.

Work to get in control of the emotions around your body – how you think about your body and talk to yourself about it. It may sound a little bit silly, but simply saying “Im proud of myself” on REPEAT goes a LONG way towards helping you see yourself in a more positive light and stops trash talk before it can start.


Focus on each achievement and what you ARE doing, rather than what you’re not doing. Instead, of focusing day-to-day on the final outcome you want (rock hard abs, weight loss, etc) focus on the STEPS you are taking to reach the outcome. You’re less likely to feel ashamed of your shortcomings if you keep plotting yourself on the path toward a goal. Here’s a good example: “Last month I could only hold a plank for 30 seconds…. now I can hold it for a full minute!”

CHANGE the way you TALK to yourself

When you start to have negative talk or TRASH talk (“I hate my “muffin top”‘ or “I cant do these crunches”), have a prompt that reminds you that you are thinking negatively, so that you can STOP it before it effects your workout and your health. Write something on your hand, as simple as “I CAN do this” or “I feel great” or have a sticker or something visual to remind you to get OUT of negative self talk and switch to choosing a POSITIVE thought.

It also helps to go to a group fitness class and find others that support your health goals and celebrate your accomplishments. Come to a class this week…. Ill help you focus on all the POSITIVES of the exercise experience. My goal is to support YOU in ENJOYING the amazing body you have through movement 🙂

Check back in later this week for MORE tips and techniques to help you TAKE OUT THE TRASH. Till then…. Keep up the positive thoughts!

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“The conscious brain can only hold one thought at a time. Choose a positive thought.” – lululemon manifesto 🙂

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