CURE for FOOT pain. Barefoot Workout Routines!

You can heal your life.... and your feet!
You can heal your life…. and your feet!

Ive had my fair share of foot problems. My first round of heel pain (Plantar fasciitis) was one summer at UCDavis when I lived in sandals and had tight calves from my hard work as a dance major. Second experience was when I first moved to San Francisco and hiked one too many steep hills. Third came from too much running and not enough strength training or downtime. Now when I overdo the pounding or neglect barefoot training, my heel pain will return, as a reminder to pay attention to my feet foundation.

Every experience led me to become a better athlete, more aware of what my body needs and how to help myself perform better. This knowledge comes extremely in handy in my work as well, I can’t even begin to tell you how many students ask for help with foot, ankle, toe, and heel pain. No one can escape it – and some point in your life your feet are going to demand attention and respect.

Thats because almost 30% of the joints in the body are in our feet. In fact, the foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, more than 100 ligaments and more than a dozen muscles. They are the base of support for the whole body, the foundation from which you move and perform. Often knee, back, hip pain, and other biomechanical issues stem from improper foot mechanics or from footwear. And unfortunately, stuffing your feet in shoes is not a good solution long-term. While shoes give a lot of stability and support, they can often make the foot, ankles, and toes inactive (or lazy if you will). If your feet don’t know how to work properly due to the artificial support from shoes, it can place unnatural pressure on the knees, spine and neck, cause improper foot mechanics and effect overall movement.   

Having strong, healthy, mobile feet, ankles, and toes effects everything you do. From running and dancing, to feeling good when you walk to and from work in your heels. But the feet don’t gain as much press as the abs or butt, so often they are left for last on the exercise to-do list. I know how it feels to be sidetracked by nagging foot pain (NOT fun), so I developed youtube videos to help myself and others maintain a regular foot workout routine. It only takes a few minutes of targeted barefoot exercises to benefit your body and keep your feet pain free. 

Not only that, but by exercising barefoot, you can actually promote your sense of balance, improve muscle alignment, reduce orthopedic pains, and lessen the chance of injury. Feet need to be strengthened gradually, like any other muscle in the human body, so start slowly. Keep in mind that some people require more support than others and if you have never trained barefoot you may experience some soreness at the beginning. Follow a moderate rate of progression and be mindful of your body at all times. Always consult your health care provider first regarding barefoot training and make sure it is suitable or recommended for you. Try out one video a week and experiment to see if it helps you move, perform, and feel better. Happy feet is a recipe for a happy life, I hope you enjoy the videos and Im looking forward to hearing what you think! 

Caroline’s Barefoot Training Workout Videos. Build a Strong Foot Foundation 

Barefoot Training Workout Routine. 10 Minutes.

Best Exercises for Your Feet. 17 minutes 

Foot Stability and Strength Routine. 6 minutes

Ankle Warm Up Series. 5 minutes

Help For Shin Splints. 5 minutes

Exercise for High Heels. 10 minutes

Foot Massage Video. 10 minutes

I honestly can’t rave about Yoga Tune Up Balls enough – Im a HUGE believer in the power of self massage and have seen the power these tools have on foot health! Buy yours now on amazon – so you can join me in keeping your body feeling good long term.



Those are just a few foot, ankle, and toe workouts to get you started! To get free fitness videos in your inbox weekly, subscribe to my YouTube Channel HERE. 

And if you are looking for more about foot pain, foot problems, and foot training please visit THIS POST. Very informative and helpful!

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