“Do Everything with a mind that has LET GO.”

Often when I teach an exercise class or train a client I get to work with someone that is relatively new to fitness. Working with “new-bies” always reminds me of just what it is we bring to the gym. Despite our age, gender, financial, cultural, and physical differences, we ALL carry some sort of baggage. No matter if you are a dancer, a mom, a student, an athlete, or a lawyer, we all encounter the same roadblocks: Pride and Fear.

Whether or not you are new to fitness, chances are you  wrestle not only with training but also with the judgments you place on your efforts. But if you can make a commitment to be a little EASIER on yourself, I am positive you’ll enjoy fitness more. If not, you may soon find yourself making all sorts of excuses to avoid exercising altogether – or making fitness an unbearable task. When I teach, I stress the importance of  training the MIND just as hard as the BODY. I ask my students to keep their  thoughts in a positive place to find  true power in their movement. I believe that using a positive mindset – letting go of negativity and judgment – is the KEY to consistency and happiness through activity.

It can be challenging not to listen to our “inner critic” – I constantly struggle with it! But learning how to LET GO is worth the work.  “It is our judgement that defeats us” – We can kill our own spirits with a NEGATIVE mindset. Only when we act without it can we truly FLOURISH in our lives. So I challenge you to join me in training with a mind that has LET GO. Open yourself to the possibilities…. the world is YOURS!

“We show up, burn BRIGHTLY, live PASSIONATELY, hold NOTHING back, and when the moment is over, when our work is done, we step back and LET GO”

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