1.) Lululemon Athletica GRANT AVE Store Events this week:

*** RUN CLUB RAFFLE AND POTLUCK! Join lululemon rockstars Jessica Iyer and Clay Turk for a special Run Club this Thursday night at 6pm. Plan for a great 5K or 10K run and a potluck afterward to celebrate the hard work you’ve done. Also an exciting FIT SESSION raffle with great prizes from lululemon! Not to be missed!

*** Sunday Morning YOGA! Please join us in our store at 9:30am for a complimentary yoga class! Sean Haleen is an Anusara-Inspired yoga instructor and has recently relocated to San Francisco from Vancouver, BC. Seanโ€™s classes are playful and light, yet challenging and introspective. Sean invites all abilities, ages, etc., to his class so donโ€™t be shy! We have extra mats!


I love enjoying a therapeutic solo sweat session. A good run can do wonders sometimes. But what’s become one of the highlights of my work week? Swimming with my good friend Margot. Every week we set aside a time to show up at the pool and swim laps together. It never matters how far or fast we go…. we just have so much FUN swimming side by side. My swimming skills have improved… but more importantly my overall HAPPINESS has gone through the roof. Exercise has a marvelous way of bringing people together and building strong social bonds. I owe my wonderful friendship with Margot to our weekly swim sessions. Our friendship is one I have grown to cherish – and I have to give fitness some of the credit!

Margot and I : Swimming Sisters ๐Ÿ™‚

Want to boost your fitness motivation? WORK OUT WITH A FRIEND. Recruit a friend into your sweat sessions and you are more likely to:

– SHOW UP for your workout. Making a date with a friend is a great way to keep you accountable for fitting in your fitness sessions.

– PUSH YOURSELF to try new challenges, workouts, or routines.

– BE CONSISTENT and stay in shape.

– FEEL GOOD about what you have accomplished. Fitness friends are like having your own personal cheering squad.

– HAVE FUN There’s nothing like a high-five from a friend during a workout session ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. FEARLESS FITNESS CHALLENGE of the week: Recruit a Buddy!

This week I challenge YOU to recruit a fitness friend or two. Grab a co-worker, a neighbor, or even your whole happy hour and enjoy a fun group workout together. Not only will you be fitting in some healthy activity – you will be ENCOURAGING others to get some too. And the only way to get happiness is to give it right? Lets see how many people we can get to enjoy some endorphins this week…..

Need to find a workout buddy? Here are a few good spots to look:

– Group Fitness Class. You see the same folks week after week in the locker room…. take sometime to get to know em! Guarantee you can find few fabulous friends in the gym.

– Lululemon. Most of you already got the tip, but lululemon is a great resource for fitness (and friend finding) events. Check out their in store community board for information on where to find fitness classes and opportunities within your community. Or look at their online event calendar for more! Other great places to check for free community fitness events in San Francisco: Sports Basement, Fleet Feet, and Nike Town. All stores offer free community workouts during the week at different times.

– Sign Up for a partnered sport or group lessons. Some sports (like rockclimbing) lend themselves to finding a partner because you can’t do the sport without one. You can use Internet forums to find a partner, or go to a specialized gym where they will help you find one. If you are new to the sport, sign up for group lessons. You’ll meet other people who want to learn the same activity as you – and are on the same skill level.

So GO, grab a friend, and HAVE FUN. Who knows you might find a friendship more valuable than any fitness benefit.

As always, THANK YOU for being an amazing Fearless Family. If you have any comments and questions – feel free to email me.

Have fun friendly fitness this week! Hope to see you all soon ๐Ÿ™‚


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