Fearless Fitness Weekly Update 4/17: Your Life On Healthy Habits. Live It. LOVE it.

Caroline Jordan Fitness Schedule and Special Events April 17th-24:

Monday 4/18: 5:30pm Competition Core and 6-645pm Chisel’d, 6:50-7:30pm Muscles On The Mat** EQUINOX

Tuesday 4/19: 12:30pm Cycling EQUINOX, 5pm Ball, 5:30pm BOSU, 6 pm Spin Circuit, and 7pm Sports Stretch Club One Citigroup

Wednesday 4/20: 5:30-6:00pm Competition Core, 6-645pm Chisel’d, 6:50-7:30pm Muscles On The Mat

Thursday 4/21: 12:30pm Cycling EQUINOX .

Friday 4/22 : 12pm Abs and 12:30pm Cycling EQUINOX

Saturday 4/23: 10 am Chisel’d and 11am Cycling EQUINOX

Interested In Personal Training but not sure it fits in your budget? Try out a GROUP workout! Grab some friends and schedule a couples or group session. You’ll get quality training and SUPPORT in a fun group setting. Programs are carefully tailored to fit the unique fitness needs of each client and combined with lifestyle coaching for complete health and happiness. Don’t wait till next year to be healthier: Contact Me for details.

Fearless Fitness Tip Of The Week: Be Consistent With Healthy Habits. EVERY little bit counts!

“People always say:

‘I’m too busy to exercise,’

‘I have to be there for the kids,’

‘I’ve got too much work.’

You know what? These are little lies you’re telling yourself, and the go against the laws of self-preservation, because the more WHOLE and HEALTHY you are, the more fully you can give to other people.”

– Oprah

Leave it to Oprah to remind us the importance of prioritizing personal health in our lives. How do you make time for wellness throughout your week?

CONSISTENCY IS KEY when it comes to being fit, living well, and feeling healthy. Remember – EVERY little bit counts! You may not always eat the most nutritiously or sweat through hour long workouts daily – BUT what you DO commit to WORKS wonders for you. Each day, challenge yourself to make small changes towards living more healthfully. Every baby step you take will eventually add up to a happier you that FEELS great!

Need help making time for your HEALTH? Try these tips for turning healthy choices consistent HABITS in  your  life:

  • Schedule some exercise time every day, even if it’s just a few minutes (seriously – ANYTHING counts!).
  • Split up your workouts. You can get the same benefit from short workouts spread throughout the day as do with continuous workouts.
  • Change daily routines to incorporate activity. Walk or bike to and from work. Add an extra lap at the mall when shopping. Spring clean your house and sweat as you scrub, dust, and vacuum. Find ways to integrate more activity into your daily routines to stay as active as possible even if you don’t have time for a daily structured workout.
  • Multi-task by making your OFFICE ACTIVE. Use these WORKING WORLD WORKOUT TIPS and workout while you’re at work.
  • TAKE ACTION to make a Healthy Diet Happen. Eating healthy requires time and effort, but a little planning can go a LONG way. Write out a list of ways you can work on improving your diet habits  and take ACTION on an item on your list every  week. Tell friends and family of your healthy diet goals and have them join you in supporting your efforts. Rather than aiming to be perfect, just aim to be a little bit better today than you were yesterday. Remember, a little change can go a long way!
  • Find someone to keep you accountable. This can be a workout buddy, a personal trainer, or even a group fitness instructor. TELL them about your health and fitness goals. Ask for their support. Better yet, make it a family effort. Make exercise dates with the whole family or cook up healthy dinners together weekly. Team up with loved ones or friends. Together you can inspire each other to live healthier.
  • Workout at home. Clear out some space in the living room, garage, or backyard. Use a chair for tricep dips or invest $20 bucks in a travel yoga mat. Check out online exercise class resources like : FitnessGlo, YogaGlo, or my AWESOME YouTube Channel.While my videos may not be filmed professionally, they offer quick workouts you can enjoy anywhere in your city. You can piece together 10 minute segments for a complete workout – or squeeze in one when your tight on time. They can be downloaded to your Iphone, ipod, or computer for at home or on the road workouts to go! My Fitness Channel on YouTube can be found  HERE.  I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy some of these resources and  find them useful in times your busy schedule challenges you.  I love feedback and  requests – so if you’d like to see another workout video or two,  leave me a note and let me know what you’d like to MOVE to!
  • Be realistic. Set small, achievable goals at first. If you are new to exercise, plan to work out three times a week. Then move to every other day. As you progress you may build up to a 5-day (or more) weekly routine. As you work to build an exercise habit, allow yourself to mess up and forgive yourself for it. We all have times when we ‘fall off the wagon’ and our busy lives challenge us to miss exercise sessions. Things happen and can get in the way – through illness, other obligations, exhaustion, different opportunities, etc – that it is basically impossible for someone to NEVER miss a workout. It’s called life and I don’t know about you, but I like having one outside of the gym. The important thing is to NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER IT. Be realistic and aim to make small changes daily.
  • Make healthy eating and exercise a priority! Prioritize it into your day instead of trying to make it happen when you can. If it’s not a priority, you won’t do it.

Be consistent, realistic, and make time for MOVEMENT. Always stay positive and make your ultimate goal one of WELLNESS. Remember, every training day is different. The important part is showing up, doing your best, and committing to a healthy, happy life.

Fearless Fitness Challenge of the week: 7 Day Healthy Habit CHALLENGE!

What are some healthy habits you want to make a priority in your life? This week Id like to challenge you to COMMIT to 7 days of making healthier choices.  I challenge you to accumulate at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Activities can range anywhere from structured workouts (spin class, strength training, yoga) to walking your dog or playing frisbee at Golden Gate Park. I challenge you to make at least ONE balanced, healthy, meal every day. Share it with a friend or your family. Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water. Just for this week, track the daily choices you make on a piece of paper, in your iphone, or in a journal. Call it your “Wellness Workbook”. At the end of the week SHARE this list with someone.  That’s 7 days of choosing HEALTHY habits and making it a priority in your life. Think you can do it? YES.

I’d love to hear how YOU are working to be healthier and support you in any way I can. My goal is to create a San Francisco fitness community of support and positive encouragement. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help YOU reach your personal health and wellness goals. Thanks again for everything and Ill see you in class soon!!


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