The start of the spring season always brings forth new weight loss and diet resolutions. It seems everyone is working hard to “get in shape for summer / vacation / or swimsuit season”. Often these “quick fix” programs are short lived and lead to frustration and “bikini body burnout”. And all of these goals have a negative connotation towards them and focus on the aesthetic part of fitness instead of the real HEART of it, wellness.

Here’s the thing: Fitness isn’t just about how you look. Its about how you FEEL, perform, and what you can achieve. We’re emotional and spiritual beings. How you look is a side effect of how a regular workout program affects your physical capabilities, your mental toughness, your ability to achieve.  You can NOT expect physical changes to happen when your mind is in a negative place. You must first GET YOUR HEAD RIGHT if you want to positively change your body.

To accomplish your fitness goals, work first on strengthening a positive mindset and focusing on happiness. If your mental, emotional, and spiritual side – your inner self – is out of shape, you’ll never find the kind of success in life you hope to find – no matter how hard you work your body.

I’d like to challenge you to SHIFT YOUR SPRING THINKING. Drop the negative “diet” mentality and instead work on developing a health and wellness mentality. I believe that we can actually improve with age with a positive mental attitude and by taking care of our  bodies with good food, exercise, and health habits. There is no reason we cannot live healthy, happy lives into old age. I recommend that you take your attention off of trying to lose weight, “get skinny”, or look “sexy” for spring. Instead ask yourself, “how can I improve how I feel?”. By shifting your mindset you will be shifting your mood and your attitude. This will help you make better choices for yourself – and when you make positive choices your health and weight will naturally improve. What can you do this month to improve your well being and strengthen your positive mental attitude about your HEALTH? Lets start working towards wellness THIS week! Below are some ideas to get you started…..

 Make Health and Wellness your # 1 Priority!

The following is a list of ways you can work to improve your health and wellness TODAY. This week I’d like to challenge you to pick a few and  follow through. Practice dedication to your well being. The key is getting better with age and living healthy, HAPPY lives.

How often are you consistently working out? Can you increase it? Minimum recommended weekly exercise is 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes a day. Can you get yourself to do at least that this month? Are you drinking soda, sugary drinks, or alcohol more than 2 times a week? Can you decrease that? Do you drink enough water a day? 8 glasses a day? Can you increase it? Are you eating out more than 2 times a week? Can you decrease it? Are you eating organic fruits and vegetables? Can you increase it? Do you eat red meat? How often? Can you decrease it and choose grass fed, hormone free meat? How often in one day do you eat simple carbs like white rice, potatoes, white breads, or junk food? Can you decrease it this month? How do you feel about your body? Do you constantly criticize your looks, performance or abilities? Can you work to think positively? How is your body confidence? Can you work to improve it?

Go through the list of make your own. Pick one thing you will commit to improving this week and really do it. What you eat, drink and think deeply impacts your entire life. Is it time for you to spend a little time reassessing how you are taking care of your self? If you improve one thing then little by little you will see yourself improving with age instead of deteriorating with age. So ask yourself those questions and remember it is not just what you are eating or doing but more importantly it is how you are thinking and what you are believing that will support your total transformation to a life of  health. Focus on the positive and making yourself feel and look fabulous now!

These little changes will lead to a healthier, happier, you. A mantra to keep you motivated…. “My body restores itself to a perfect weight and perfect health. I am more powerful today and better in every way”.

I hope you will take the opportunity to pay attention to how you are treating yourself. If you would like support, join me for a group fitness class and get some positive encouragement. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help YOU reach your personal health and wellness goals. Thanks again for everything and Ill see you in class soon!!



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