Fitness Myth : Spot Reducing “Secrets”.

Fitness Myth: “You can spot reduce by targeting stubborn trouble spots with specific exercises. Get rid of your belly fat with endless crunches!”

THE TRUTH: A well-rounded exercise program that consists of training all muscle groups is the ONLY way to a leaner, stronger you. Sorry, but buying the latest abs roller or toning shoes isn’t going to do ANYTHING for you. Your “trouble spots” ( abs muscles, thighs, triceps… whatever the case may be) can be strengthened, but weight loss comes from the body as a whole and not just the areas that are exercised. The ONLY real way to minimize fat in one specific area is by tightening up your diet and dedicating yourself to a complete total-body program. There are no short cuts to get rid of “trouble spots”. Make sure your fitness regimen includes total body strength, challenging cardio workouts, and flexibility training to look and feel your best. With a little hard work and a well-rounded workout routine you can improve the overall look of your entire body.


It’s best to work with someone to create a well-rounded workout program that fits your needs and goals.Have any fitness questions you want answered? Write to me at: . Lets get you feeling and looking your best!


What’s YOUR personal favorite fitness myth or workout gimmick? Things like the shake weight and toning shoes make me laugh 🙂

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  1. How about those belts that “shock” your ab muscles into contracting, so you can do “thousands” of crunches a day! Magical!

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