From Asheville, North Carolina: My Wellbeing on the Road Travel Kit.

I just returned home from Asheville, North Carolina, where I was brought in to present my “THRIVE: Wellbeing on the Road” Workshop. This workshop is designed to raise awareness of healthy work and lifestyle habits and support the busy business traveler towards achieving their optimal state of wellness while on the road. It’s designed to enable participants to overcome traveling health challenges, make changes that last, and fulfill their vision of living well. The presentation was a success and I honestly believe it’s because we are all hungry for ways to stay healthy when traveling. Truth is, business travel is exhausting and stressful which makes exercise, nutrition, and stress management an important part of maintaining your health when you are away from home. From these wellness workshops, I’ve had many participants come back excited by their positive progress. One woman gave up drinking at the airport/on flights and has lost 5 pounds as a result. Another man started doing 10 minute high intensity interval workouts in his hotel room before business meetings and this has allowed him to lose fat, build lean muscle mass, and improve his ability to function well on all levels. Presenting travel wellness workshops for companies truly excites me because I see the incredible impact it has on business travelers. It’s the small changes that produce BIG results and can be the difference of surviving vs. THRIVING while on the road. 

If you do travel a lot for work, one of the best things you can do is fit in a little bit of movement before you leave your hotel room or home. Business trips often involve busy schedules and networking, which can make exercising during the day or evening challenging. You may not have time to fit in a long workout or stick to your regular routine, but even short bouts of exercise and stretching before you begin your day will prove beneficial. I believe that fitness is often the gateway drug to positive change and packing it with you when you are traveling for work can fuel you towards adopting a healthier lifestyle in other areas as well. Here are some of the resources I bring with me when I travel to support mini hotel room workouts on the go:

Caroline’s Travel FIT Packing list:

  • Online Fitness/Yoga Studios: I subscribe to both Yogaglo and Fitnessglo . These websites offer an assortment of fitness and yoga classes with some of the best teachers in the world for a small monthly fee. Perfect for a hotel room workout with a talented instructor!
  • Yoga Tune Up Balls. Self massage on the go. I bring my yoga tune up balls with me EVERYWHERE and have even been known to bust them out in my airplane chair. The yoga tune up techniques offer an endless variety of ways to soothe muscle tension in every body part. Now my body is addicted to feeling good and I won’t leave home without them when I travel.
  • Tennis Ball. If you don’t have the yoga tune up balls (seriously – a tennis ball is a great on the go massage tool. Check out my tennis ball foot massage or calf massage video for ideas on how to use a tennis ball to help you feel better from the tiring side effects of travel.
  • Travel Yoga Mat. The lightweight lululemon mat is my personal favorite. Weighs NOTHING and packs easily! This way you don’t have to use a hotel room towel as a makeshift mat when you are on the go.
  • iTRAIN. Online downloadable podcasts for all fitness formats (running, bootcamp, pilates, stretching, elliptical, cycling, etc). Updated weekly with top trainers from around the world (myself included 🙂
  • Get running and walking maps for cities around the world.
  • Travel Fitness Smart Phone Apps: Nike Training club, tabata timer, fit bit, workout spots, airplane yoga…. there are SO many smart phone apps that can be take with you anywhere personal trainers for fitness on the road. Find a few that you find motivating and work to fit your personal exercise preferences. The few listed above will get you started, if you have a favorite, please leave a comment in the comment section below!
  • YouTube Fitness Channels. There are many options for free full length or quick workout videos. I subscribe to channels like Bloglaties, Fitness Bender, Jillian Michaels, Popsugartvfit, and of course my own Caroline Jordan Fitness channel.  They offer short and full length videos with a variety of helpful content. Everything from hi-impact to pilates, and there are even simple how to stretch in the airport videos: When you subscribe to channels, you will get a weekly email with updates on the latest uploads available to you online. Here is an example of how to use youtube fitness videos to piece together a short, effective workout in your hotel. Choose to do them all or do one depending on how much time you have:

Travel Stretching Sequence. Feel Better from the plane INSTANTLY! (8 minutes)

Total Body Home Workout (15 minutes)

Oblique and Arm Workout (12 minutes)

Small windows of time can turn into powerful opportunities for health and fitness (yes believe me SMALL changes net BIG results). When you take advantage of them, your travel will be considerably less stressful and you’ll find more energy for all of your work and life pursuits. Next time you travel for work, sample some of the resources above and let me know if they help fuel your fitness on the road.

I’m always trying to add more  content to keep my corporate wellness workshops current, informative, and inspiring. Is there a website, tool, or resource that you find helpful in keeping you healthy while traveling for work? Leave your comments below – Id love to hear from you!!

Here’s to us not just surviving but THRIVING as we travel through life 🙂

Yours in Health,


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