Get rid of Weak Ankles with these Ankle Strengthening Exercises | FOLLOW ALONG 10 Minutes

Get rid of Weak Ankles with these Ankle Strengthening Exercises FOLLOW ALONG 10 Minutes

Do you have WEAK ankles? Are your ankles the reason you keep getting injuries? Are you stuck with ankle pain or knee, hip, or low back pain because your ankles aren’t functioning properly? Let me help you fix that problem with this quick, effective ankle strength routine. Incorporating this simple follow along sequence of ankle exercises can help you recover from injury or prevent problems from weak ankles that aren’t working properly. As someone who has personally overcome the challenge of ankle injury due to ankle weakness, I know what works and what doesn’t. In this video, I am going to show you the all time BEST ankle strength exercises that I use multiple times per week to keep my ankles healthy and stable. This routine is a basic set of movements you can fit in before workouts or activities to prep your ankles to perform well and prevent injury without needing equipment. Wearing KT Tape can also provide additional help in keeping the ankle in proper placement. For me, KT Tape functions as an ankle brace which gives support that is very comfortable without limiting my range of motion or decreasing blood flow. 

Get KT Tape here.

If you’ve ever had a sports injury, chances are you’ve seen KT Tape from your physical therapist or sports doctor. This is the tape that you see all the athletes wear during games especially around their knees, shoulders, and ankles. KT Tape is the #1 Kinesology tape that is designed to provide drug free pain relief and flexible support. KT Tape gives your body the help it needs to move better, allowing it to recover from injury or helping you to improve performance in activities. Beyond my ankle, Ive worn KT Tape for several sports related aches, specifically for knee pain and plantar fasciitis. KT Tape is great because it remains on the skin through sweat and moisture and is comfortable to wear for up to 4-7 days. Its made with durable 100% synthetic fabric that is breathable and easy to apply, it even stays on through activities without impacting your range of motion or sticking on your clothing. Not only does it hold the body together and remind you of proper posture, New clinical studies show that wearing KT Tape on the targeted muscle groups used during physical activity or exercise and continuing to wear it for days after can help diminish post-workout muscle soreness, also known as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), by up to 50% for 48-72 hours after your workout. Anything that can helps me be LESS sore and more mobile is a win in my book!

People might ask: well if these exercises are so effective Caroline, why do you need to wear KT Tape? Honestly, your foot hits the ground 10,000 times with every mile you walk or run. Its impossible to expect yourself to maintain perfect form with every foot step. Especially if you are out hiking, running, playing sports, or walking long distances. When you fatigue your form goes out the window. Giving your body the help it needs to go the distance well is key to injury prevention. I wear contacts so I can see well, why wouldnt I wear KT Tape so that I can move better?

Visit the link here to learn more about KT Tape including follow along videos on proper application and use. Because its so popular, You can find KT Tape at most local retailers or by visiting their website.

This routine can be GAME changing if you commit to doing it often. Are you ready to get your ankles stronger? Give me a few minutes and lets go!

Get rid of Weak Ankles with these Ankle Strengthening Exercises | FOLLOW ALONG 10 Minutes

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