Ankle Mobility Exercises (Follow Along)

Ankle Mobility Exercises

Keep your ankles healthy and happy with this essential follow along ankle mobility routine. This video contains 3 different exercises you can use to improve ankle function and performance. This video was inspired by one of my clients who got an injury due to limited ankle mobility. She had no idea how important regular lower leg self massage, mobilization, and stretching was in keeping pain away. Together we used this routine and within a few short weeks she was out of pain! Now she knows exactly how to take better care of her body and uses these exercises regularly. Its true, doing this video consistently will allow you to prevent injuries and enable you more ease of movement in all of your favorite activities. It is what I like to call “pre-hab”, essential body care that will help you feel and move optimally! You too can prevent painful problems from occurring just with a little lower leg TLC. Ready to join me? Grab a mat and lets do this thing!

Ankle Mobility Exercises (Follow Along)

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Every step you take moves you forward. Keep it up my friend! Love sweating with you!


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