Healthy Road Trippin 101. Caroline’s top tips for Driving FIT.

It’s almost 4th of July Weekend! Do you have anything fun planned?

For many people, long holiday weekends are the perfect time for mini vacations and a bit of road trip fun.  But often hours behind the wheel can mean two things: lots of sitting and poor nutrition. Prevent your health goals from getting kicked to the curb by taking my fit road trip tips with you. These suggestions will help you detour around overeating and under-exercising and get you to your final destination feeling AMAZING!

Healthy Road Trippin 101. Caroline’s top tips for Driving FIT.

Plan your road map to success. 

Regular physical activity is the key to enjoying your trip without feeling stiff or achy when you come back. Before leaving do a little research on fun fitness sightseeing options. Look for active adventures like hikes, trails, activities, or fitness classes available throughout your driving route. Opt to stop in locations that will allow you to engage in the physical activities you enjoy. You can even make a daily itinerary and schedule different exercise adventures into your travel.  Vacations and trips allow you to get creative with new ways to work out, helping you break out of your comfort zone and avoid plateaus from a regimented routine. The more you plan for success the more successful you’ll be. Map out regular movement and you’ll maximize your road trip enjoyment.

Prepare to PLAY.

You don’t need to overload your car with workout gear to stay fit when you travel, but it always helps to take a few light things with you. Here are some great items to pack with you in order to stay active on the road:

“In SHAPE” back seat items:

  • Ipod/ Iphone
  • Ipod charger
  • Running/Active Shoes
  • Weather appropriate workout clothes – don’t forget socks and a good pair of active shoes
  • Jump Rope (perfect for those of you who are a fan of quick, high-impact workouts)
  • Tennis ball (to work out driving kinks with an easy tennis ball massage)
  • Yoga mat. Outdoors or indoors, a mat can ALWAYS come with you. Its perfect to pull out in a park for no equipment needed circuit workouts or in your hotel for a quick yoga flow on the go. I use the lululemon no sweat travel mat. It weighs less than a pound and folds up into even the tiniest purse.
  • Podcasts/ YouTube. I pinterest a few fun ones and load up my Iphone to test them while Im on the road. Some favorites include:

Make time for away-from-home workouts by fitting them in first thing in the morning, before you leave your hotel or home.  Even 10 to 20 minutes of movement in the morning in your hotel room is enough to keep your metabolism revved for a couple of hours behind the wheel.

Fill UP with premium Fuel

Fast food is not fast fuel and will slow you when you travel. Research healthy dining options for your destination by looking up your desired zip-code on . This service locates healthy restaurants and menu choices for you. You can also avoid the greasy fast food rut by taking a few minutes before you leave to prepare healthy, on-the-go snacks. Pack a cooler full of premium fuel and take a pit stop at a grocery store when you need to fill it up with more. Here are some easy eat on the road ideas:

  • Homemade trail mix. It’s easy to make your own trail mix — not to mention healthier than the store-bought stuff — and it’ll help keep you full and energized on the road. Make sure to buy unsalted peanuts and dried fruit without added sugar. Mix your own or test one of these healthy homemade trail mix combos.
  • String cheese. If your diet likes dairy, you can get some of your daily dose of calcium with travel-friendly string cheese.
  • Fruit. Apples, pears, bananas, and other fruits are easy to throw into your car cooler and are also an excellent source of fiber, something that becomes important as travels begin to wreak havoc on your digestive system.
  • Pre cut veggies.  Baby carrots and sugar snap peas are perfect when you need something crunchy.
  • Cold drinks to help you stay hydrated. It’s can be easy to confuse thirst for hunger, so make sure to stay hydrated on the road. If bottled water is too boring for you, try flavored sparkling water, coconut water, or take some propel powder to shake up in your H20.
  • If you are hungry for more, Check out all of my favorite healthy snack finds. 

Take Regular Pit Stops to Stretch out

Pit stops are a great a time to move, breathe, and STRETCH OUT. Make every bathroom break a reminder to give your hip flexors, calves, quads, lower back, shoulders, and neck some love.

Don’t Give Up (or beat yourself up)!

Most importantly, if you fall off the station wagon, get right back on. No need to beat yourself up about a super rich and indulgent meal or a couple of sedentary days. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not going to make a difference— whether or not you had an awesome time and a memorable trip is what counts.

Getting away from reality is good for the mind, spirit, and body. On your next road trip, challenge yourself to explore new activities, adventures, and healthy habits. You’ll have a great time and enjoy an invigorating, stress free getaway!

What is your top tip for road trip wellness? I hope you have a happy, healthy, 4th of July filled with friends and fireworks. Life is short, time to celebrate it!

With Gratitude,


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