Hey, it’s OK…….

…to not match your running shoes to your socks to your shorts to your top. It all ends up sweaty and in the laundry basket anyway.

…to find the audible breathing exercises in yoga kinda funny.

…to workout for half an hour or less. Trust me, it still counts.

…if your favorite workout playlist involves Backstreet boys, N’Sync, or even Disney. And yes, “Circle of Life” totally gets me going.

…to go to the gym just so you can watch your favorite reality tv show and call it “cardio”.

…to prefer your old school Timex (or no watch at all) to the oversized garmin-esque GPS watches. Are they really training for something so serious?

…to ask for a dessert menu.

…to pat yourself on the back for breaking a harder sweat on the treadmill than the guy texting/talking/playing Angry Birds on his phone to your left.

…to walk.

…to buy tennis attire even if you’ve never swung a racquet. It’s fully acceptable for non-yogis to sport yoga pants isn’t it?

…to have a snack with you at all times

…to constantly assess each new pop song this spring wondering which one will be your next workout anthem.

…to actually LIKE your smile lines.

…to eat almond butter by the spoonful. Seriously. Somehow it is more delicious this way.

…to switch to another treadmill just because you dont want to run next to sweaty shirt man.

…to do kettlebells just for the ego boost. Workout or not, swinging those things makes you feel  superhero HOT.

…to count your night out clubbing as a workout. Your drop it like it’s hot dance moves seriously tone your thighs!

…to cringe when the person in front of you orders a double chocolate, extra whip cream, 6 Splenda latte at Starbucks. Six? Seriously? Just get the real sugar for goodness sakes.

…to be proud if you can do more pushups than any guy in your class/office/family. Strong is the new skinny.

…to show up for a partner-workout half asleep, unmotivated, and apathetic. You might event want to strangle your friend for her cheery, caffeine fueled conversation- but hey, you worked out and you can brag about it all day.

…to take a day off.

…to run a road race, take golf lessons, join an adult soccer league, or enroll in dance lessons to fulfill a long-lost childhood dream. Maybe you were meant to be the next Rodger Bannister, Tiger Woods (pre-fall from grace), Mia Hamm or Cheryl Burke.


Believe it or not, everyone can still be healthy, fit, and happy without prescribing to a paleo diet, running 8 miles every day and drinking freshly squeezed wheatgrass in the morning. You can achieve wellness without going to extremes or setting limits. This spring, give yourself a BREAK and enjoy being healthy in a way that makes YOU HAPPY. It’s ok to live your life in a way that makes you FEEL good both inside and out. Life is short, savor it and be nice to yourself!


Wishing you and yours a HAPPY spring full of health. Hope to see you soon. Till then, keep shining 🙂



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