Caroline Jordan Fitness Boredom Busting Workout

Its been a long time since new years and your fitness motivation is dwindling. You schedule time to workout but are feeling ambivalent, are you sure you want to do this? Maybe you need a group class… but can’t find one that sounds interesting. Or maybe you need a workout buddy…. but none of your friends are picking up the phone. You check your email, twice, and even consider giving your mom a call to catch up. You a need a distraction…. but can’t even manage to find a decent workout playlist. Theres just one thing you know for sure: You’ve got to make something happen… and soon.

If you’ve recently identified more excuses than reasons to sweat, you may be battling a case of WORKOUT BOREDOM. Hey it’s OK: even the most dedicated exercisers occasionally get bored with their routines. Waning motivation, cutting workouts short and not having enthusiasm all are signs of a stale exercise regimen. You can fix this simply by mixing things up a bit. Change your weekly workout schedule, add variety, new fitness toys, or challenge yourself with some intense intervals. Simple, small changes in your normal regime will help reunite your workout motivation once again.

Next time your feeling workout weary, save yourself with these quick boredom busting fitness routines. The first can be done ANYWHERE and the second is perfect for indoor or outdoor cardio. Pull them out, break out of a rut, and SWEAT!


Workout #1: Take With You Anywhere Boredom Buster. 15 Minute Total Body routine.

No equipment is needed for this convenient 15 minute routine, all exercises can be done anywhere, anytime. If you are in a time crunch or new to fitness work through all the exercises once. For more of a challenge, repeat the series 2 or 3 times and focus on form. Im positive this quick fitness fix will help you reclaim your workout willpower and sweat in 30 minutes or less. You are the hero of your own story. Save yourself from workout boredom with this effective and fun total body workout challenge!

Caroline Jordan Fitness: Boredom Busting Workout

Quick Fix 5 minute Cardio

  • You can do anything: walk, run, jump rope, elliptical,
  • If you’re at home
    • 1 min high knees
    • 1 min jumping jacks
    • 1 min front kicks
    • 1 min jumping jacks
    • 1 min jog/ run in place

4 minute total body circuit:

  • 1 minute walking lunges (or alternating regular lunges)
  • 1 minute mountain climbers
  • repeat for 4 minutes

3 minute upper body burner:

2 minute lower body burner:

  • 30 seconds regular squats
  • 30 seconds jump squats
  • 30 seconds regular squats
  • 30 seconds jump squats

1 minute core challenge

  • plank
Workout #2: Best BANG for your Buck Cardio . Boredom Busting Workout
Three workouts in ONE  – what a deal!  This program is broken into three parts and full of a variety of challenges. If you’re new to working out or short on time, try out one or two sections. For more of a challenge take on all three parts for a total of 43 minutes of cardio. Part one is 18 minutes of gradual  hill climbing fun. Part two consists of 6 minutes of short 30 second interval sprints. Part three is 21 minutes of longer intervals. All routines can be done on any treadmill, elliptical machine, or other cardio equipment.  If you are using a cycling bike feel free to adjust the workout inclines by adding resistance. You can also walk the whole workout  and use the speed guide to help complete the intervals. This workout has enough variety to keep you on your toes and enough challenge to keep you in the moment – it’s a guaranteed boredom buster!
Will the above break you free from the symptoms of workout boredom? Leave a comment below if you try out any of the routines. I want to CONGRATULATE you on your efforts and see if it helped reunite you with your workout motivation once again.
Check back in next week for a workout PLAYLIST to go along with the above fitness challenges. And if you need a class to MIX it up, come see me for a workout. I’d love to make you sweat 😉
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